Thursday, July 5, 2012


This could be one of those times when it IS "who you know."

I am looking for more writers for SCORE, as well as subscribers. The content writers who will write about openings and/or chess experiences must be a former master on up through international master. I have no trouble finding GMs, it's the lower levels who represent the "contract" writer challenge.

I might only need 1-2 writers who are willing to write a couple articles AND get those who want to get paid as soon as that issue is published. Would like to see some American writers for variety.

Let Your Hair Hang Out
Rather than the cautious, careful, safe writing style exhibited by those who don't believe in RISK, I am looking for those who live their chess life a little on the unusual or adventurous side. Chess needs some shaking up.

I'll work a deal with them and if it goes through and I can get them to write several articles you get $50 from me to your PayPal account or a check if you want. If you want to use merchandise credits, then I will bump it to $75.00.

Ask them to contact me and I will do the rest.

If You Don't SubScribe to SCORE What Are You Waiting For?
Issue #18 is out tomorrow and features IM Andrew Martin writing on the Morra Gambit and the smaller piece on the King's Gambit including a "funky" Falkbeer, which seems to be popping up lately.

16 issues are $49.95. You can save $10 on your subscription if you order from our recently issued Thinkers' Press catalog. If you don't have a copy send me your full name, street address, and email address and I will send you one, FREE.

Now... back to our regular scheduled programming. A movie featuring Nicholas Cage in Seeking Justice and where we also get to see him play some chess using a Saitek clock!

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