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A couple days ago Seth Godin had a post on his blog (the most popular blog for business types on the net) in which he brought up the subject of Groucho Marx and how he once said, "I don't want to be a member of any club that would have me as a member."

Godin's (hypothesis) is that more people are reacting, joining in, having something to say... being "clubby" because it's so easy. He mentioned "listening" which is what a lot of blog readers do... they look in but seldom contribute anything. According to Google this ChessToast blog site has had 260,000+ page views. Sounds like a lot, but, not too many actual responders (in a way, "Thank God.")

Godin postulates that some are afraid to join in, others are distant bystanders... and I've done that too, to be honest. I will read some interesting blog and the next thing I know, I have to put in my name and password to make a comment, so most of the time I just OPT out. If I visited that blog site often (which in most cases I do not), I would go to all that trouble (not that big of a deal). It would be nice, in a way, if it were more automatic than that, but as I said, there are hundreds of thousands of blogs and the vast majority, unless the blogger is getting paid, aren't worth a whole lot, content wise. Too many repeat and not Prime Movers.

Every now and then we bloggers receive an email (because I allow contacts) from someone who is not only deranged, doesn't really have FACTS to back up what he is writing about, and gets into an insulting manner because he disagrees with something I quoted or wrote. Occasionally I follow up and ask for EVIDENCE this person has more than just an opinion and you know what, I seldom EVER hear from them because they were SHOUTING and hoping that that was a good substitute for substance. It never is.

I had one recently, total moron, based on mail order vs. sales on the internet. Tell you more some other time but HIS "facts" didn't align with what I know to BE facts (this is a lot like the arguments between evolution and creationism--Darwin's theories are often just that, theories, and there are a lot of problems but they are quoted and requoted as FACTS--whereas they contemplate that creationists are NUTS because they don't see (i.e., "understand") the evolutionists Logic). Chess is like this too. Look at where any member is allowed to say something, no matter how foolish. Because Anand is the current world champion you can read lots of inane comments from those who live in Asia. That's why it is important to ESTABLISH a reader-writer relationship, one that allows what you write or say to be trusted over time. Preferably, the sooner the better.

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