Thursday, July 19, 2012


At this very moment I am emailing info on the Fall Chess Classic to be held in Davenport, Iowa Oct. 26-28.

Some mentioned to me they didn't have the data they needed to make reservations, etc. Actually The Chess Gazette and SCORE magazine had info (at least some) and I included more info to those who sent orders in... Kind of makes sense that I would invite those who were buying from The Chess Butler OR Thinkers' Press. So to cover the rest, and as National Inquirer might say, "For those inquiring minds," more details are being released today.

Then, Saturday I will be MAILING (you know, the postage stamp thing?) to 54 people who I think might have an over-riding interest in attending to see GM Karsten Mueller, IM Andrew Martin, NM Andy Rea, and me, Bob Long where we do and tell what we do. It's $265.00 up to and including July 31. More after that.

So here's the deal... if you are interested but are wondering if just maybe you might not be on that "54" list, drop me an email ( and include your street address (some people really resist this one... as I wrote recently, elsewhere, the names and accompanying addresses are KNOWN all over the US for everyone... I am just trying to make it easier.) I will mail you one as Pronto as Tonto.

This looks to be the best event since 2004 and definitely a great one to follow the 2010 Chess Clinic (the last one) at the Clarion Hotel in Davenport. We aren't Las Vegas but these days even Las Vegas isn't Las Vegas. But we have some great hotels and restaurants (I've tried them all!) and I put them on the list (PDF).

Great gifts, gimmicks, instruction and PERSONAL attention! These days that's hard to get. That's why I am limiting attendance to 24 (possibly 30 if I am pressed but that's it!)

Watch your email box (of course you have to be on my email list--so make sure you are even if you don't register for this Blog!) So... if you are a lurker (and there are many) I think it would be MORE fun to be with the "in crowd" as it is definitely one of the BEST in crowds, chesswise, you will EVER come upon... and even that one guy who read this blog and told me he will never read it again, has been known to change his mind (right?).

Actually, I'm easy to get along with and could present you with a list of people who would agree, longer than your arm. But what makes my events so comfortable, interesting and fun, is I make sure the clods don't attend. But that's not you, right? Then come along for a great time and don't wait until the last minute. There will come a day (maybe this time?) when more people will want to get in, and we won't have any "last minute issues" just some disappointed folks who wanted to come but couldn't get in. Next event probably won't be until 2014! (Not joking.)

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