Sunday, July 29, 2012


Three items of importance, especially the first two:
1. Modern Chess Brilliancies (Hustled) has gone back to proof. I installed a too low resolution piece of art on the cover (100 dpi) instead of the 300 dpi one. What confused me was when the artist took the art and named it "Final." I mean, that sounds like last iteration, right? I should've checked... it wasn't. $40 down the drain.

Being ultra careful, I redid it (more work than you might imagine because I have to fit to THEIR template when doing hardcovers with lamination. Anyway, that went back for hopefully LAST inspection.

2. Let's see. Actually two items. Bob Long's Chess Letter went out Thursday. My new publication taking the place of the "older" Chess Gazette. Hope to have SCORE 19 done Wednesday morning for Friday delivery. If you like lots of powerful, interesting reading, drop me a line at and I will give you the details.

3. Was supposed to have a talk with a GM today about a future book. But, he postponed as he wants to "sharpen" up the MS. If I told you the topic and author you would flip out, but I don't do that until the deal is IN play and maybe not until release. But I just wanted to let you know it isn't the Portisch project. That's also on the agenda.

Interest is starting to pique about the Fall Chess Classic with me getting PAID registrations and questions, all of which have been answered in the materials I send out. I suggest printing this stuff out but by saving "ink" questioners can waste everyone's time by asking what I have already published. I solve this problem by putting documents in 3-ring binders. In fact, I am thinking of getting some for sale, putting a nice logo on the front and perhaps "solving" a problem. I do it with newsletters I get from others or I can never find anything.

I find some of the commentary in the newsletter business amusing. With some newsletters costing $500 a year (and mine is a puny $30) occasionally some deadhead will write in and complain that there is TOO MUCH other stuff (non money-making ideas) in the letters. I don't agree--I can suck out all kinds of worthwhile things. I think what is amusing, as several writers have said (even to me), "They can complain all they want, they don't do anything with the ideas they do get!" What some of these lazy people really want is to put something that costs $50 on auto-pilot, get out their Laz-y-Boy, grab a beer and wait for the mailman to deliver them checks. I knew a guy who had a huge library and was going to sell all his "valuable" stuff on eBay. After about 2 sales, packing issues (even using Duct Tape????) he gave up. He valued HIS stuff at MORE than any real person would. He was making $75K a year to boot and didn't need the money. I think a Zippo Lighter would have solved many of his problems.

The event Oct. 26-28 is $265.00 now even if you have a Black Gold Card. I can send details if you need them. Should be a great show.

At the moment I have begun putting a lot of time into some other projects including the big release this October, Book 2 in the SECRETS Trilogy. It has so much good stuff in it, I just hate to give out some of these secrets! I do! But on the other hand, I know 95% of the buyers will collect it, maybe read it, and do NONE of it. W-O-R-K, everything is including a secret for getting you to work a "system of improvement." Forget all that stuff about 21 days (wasn't that Covey?). I suggest 40-60 to make it stick and almost effortless. A guy I know in the information business say 49 days, so if you average mine, that's 50. Hence 7 weeks will do you a mountain of good. But then I show you what you have to DO and HERE is the GOOD part: I'm doing it myself. I can't suggest to others to do something I won't do myself. There is a lot of cheap talk out there, especially on the internet. Do you love those 'tards on CNN who write the opinion pieces?

Spent some time today talking to the actress on the phone who is on the cover of Rudel's latest, ZUKA. She's a babe, sweet, and was in no hurry to get off the phone with me (her SO was talking to my son Rob). A pleasant voice she, however, is called the SCREAM QUEEN in the horror-flick business. I met her once about 5 years ago and she said she still remembered me. I hope my fly wasn't unzipped!

Anyway, unlike people who have been authors with me, she actually bought a copy of the book for her shelf and portfolio. Her name is Leanna Chamish and I always get a kick out of her acting and charming self. She also sent me an email telling me how fortunate she felt in getting one of the last copies (I've ordered this book twice and am about ready to put another order in). I suspect David Rudel is doing well on this book because for quick sales this is outdoing all the others except the first one, the legendary ZUKE. If those two (ZUKE and ZUKA) spawn any kids, I suggest naming the first one, BAZOOKA (remember Bazooka Joe?)

More later friends. Stay tuned for the good chess stuff, in spades. And if you get a chance and want to play through a truly amazing game, look up Botvinnik-Larsen 1965. The way Botv. stops Larsen's advanced pawn is truly incredible and should give us all hope.

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