Friday, July 6, 2012


It's that time already. July 6th. Every four weeks.

Was hoping to keep it to 14-18 pages, but, it's 24! Best deal on Chess' Broadway.

Coverage of the Morra and King's Gambit is the main article, by Andrew Martin.

After that we see Tartakower in action against Golombek in the "Shark Tank."

Two pages of coverage of the Fall Chess Classic. At $265.00 it's a bargain. Andrew Martin, Andrew Rea, Kartsen Mueller (televideo), Cody Wilson, Bill Hannan, and myself (Bob Long) hope you come.

Two pages of info on David Rudel's two new books, the first on the female ZUKE, ZUKA.

Winners announced for "Long's Chess Views" newsletter: Bob Woodworth and Ron Deike.

Letters on the recent World Chess Championship and a Correction.

And how does Rodney Dangerfield fit into all of this? See page 43 to Give him some respect.

One page about how "Purdy's Work Doesn't Go Over Your Head, it Goes IN Your Head."

Better than Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

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