Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Perhaps the president and or Congress could actually go to the real trouble of changing our society from its currently litigious nature. I doubt it will happen because doing so would be "hard work."

This Saturday was to be a melding of the "minds" by the Alzheimer's Association for Greater Iowa and the Gentlemens Chess Club at a big Mall, SouthPark, on the Illinois side.

I just got the contract to sign and return and read through all nine pages last night. One item jumped out at me, carrying $2,000,000 worth of liability insurance! These days, and even in the distance past, there is always the chance someone will get mauled by a chessboard, or killed with a pointy Bishop. Not likely, but, a chance.

I don't have insurance for events such as this and the director of the Mall did not bring this up in our preliminary discussions. I was all set to have the signs printed today!

People have been contacted, things set in motion, but unless the Mall gives us a waiver (I am not holding my breath) this event designed to raise money for Alzheimer's awareness and research most likely will not go through. Donations will most likely have to be made privately.

No panic here, just a tremendous amount of annoyance with what our society has become.

The insurance, on a yearly basis, would amount to about $1,200 IF the insurer said OK.

You Too Can Help… Vote Them All Out!
Yesterday I was reading a report by the late and very successful entrepreneur Gary Halbert. In his considerable acumen and experience he graded psychiatrists as the worst people on earth, followed by lawyers. We all hear or read such sentiments. Just recently someone said to me, "We wouldn't need lawyers if it wasn't for the lawyers."

Lastly... The polls show that the public is fed up with congressmen and women and yet constituents "defend" their congressman or woman. I do not. I think our senators (one Republican and one Democrat) do not represent me at all. When I've written to them I get back facile, distorted, and illogical answers. Let's face it, they love being where they are, the best clubhouse in the world. No dues, no tree needed, no sense, just a suit and a lot of air miles. As to the legislators, we have this idiot who believes that one can never spend enough of the taxpayers' money. It is likely he will be kicked out this fall only to be replaced by someone else with no imagination and who is in love with themselves.

Is it any wonder people no longer tune in, but do drop out? A very good friend told me the other days she would like to move to an area where there was a mountain in the backdrop. Cabin, running water, pine trees. Yeah, me too. But there are arsonists everywhere, polluters, troublemakers, and news of them is definitely on the rise. It is what happens when one gives in to everything, allows anything, lets society decay because some clown stands up and shouts that everybody should be protected no matter what insanity they deliver or act upon in the name of "civil rights."

Two weeks ago I was in Kansas and talking to a deep-thinking Army major I know and he said there are Muslim Extremists IN the Army and the Army knows about them. But that some are coming around to the American way of life (as disintegrating as it is). Still, it is called sedition. It happened to the Romans and we are supposed to learn from history but somebody always thinks, "This time it will be different!" Wrongo shortness of breath dude.

If you want to do something worthwhile, in the name of chess, donate $$$ to your chapter of the Alzheimers' Association. I will do so despite this Mall requirement stopping us.

As always you can contact: bob@thinkerspressinc.com

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