Monday, July 16, 2012


Some time back I had redone the Bobby Fischer t-shirts which were made in 2002 (I think), in glorious color.

Gratefully, it produced several orders.

My main reason for producing it was not so much income but because:
1) I liked it and mine was finally wearing out after a couple dozen (or more) washings;
2) I knew others would like it as it also included some other heroes (Lasker, Capa, and Alekhine);
3) I was on great terms with the printer who was also working on my "BlunderBust Training Board" (made in America);
4) I had in mind a couple gifts to some business friends and one really close friend;
5) And, the designer, Bill Hannan, was going to start work on another shirt for me. A second shirt in the trilogy line (1st one was Merlin for the Critical Secret for Success at Chess and anything else) because a second book is coming out this Fall (October 26-28).

They were produced in sizes L and XL.

Naturally I knew I was going to hear from someone who asks, "What about us XXL guys?" Well, glad you asked. I decided to do a small number of those too after being asked. And I wrote back to that fellow (twice) and never heard from him.

Yes, I am aware we are in the stage of America where people are getting chubbier and sassy, but, I thought, "Why not? Take their dough before their cholesterol puts them on their back, but... at least they will look great in a nice, new, and crisp t-shirt with art of one of the greatest chess players of all time."

I will be picking them up this afternoon.

Here is the pricing gang 'o mine. Robert's Rangers:

L and XL, $20 each. That's 20% off the $25 retail for these beauties, in white cotton.

XXL, $23 (because, there's a lot more material needed to make one).

And I can't forget, because t-shirts is a NON-media item, shipping to places like NY and California costs a lot more. Add $9.95 for the shipping and handling (I have to put them in a box, right? I remember many years ago ordering some clothes from someone and they returned them to me (they were a gift) in a paper BAG! All scrunched up, but it probably saved them $2.00. Complete turn off eh?

PLUS, I put these babies in a clean polyethylene bag.

One other thing
All ready to ship. I only made up less than a dozen of these, so if you are a procrastinator, you won't get one. Instead they will be selling on eBay, later on, for some ridiculous price (none of it my doing, I don't have the time for that).

So I was stupid for taking the word of someone who said they wanted one but who couldn't be responsible enough to write back (oh, I am sure he is on vacation (but, between you and me, he has his laptop with him!)). Don't be similarly mind-blanked by putting it off.

You can save $$$ and also get a gift for someone favorite in your life.

PS: I am aware there are women who have worn the very large t-shirts I've sold, as nightshirts. So you can let your imagination roam on that one!


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