Friday, July 20, 2012


My son Rob asked me about my post for a book he recently designed the cover of (I know, I ended with a proposition, too bad).

Leanna, Mitch, Zuke
I thought I had put it on my Blog, but couldn't find it (I have a lot of projects going!) The DEALIO is that actors he used wanted to get a copy of the book (as well as SEE it!), because they were on the cover, got paid, and wanted to see what the "Madman from Maryland" came up with (I just made up that moniker).

It's a FAT book, loaded with good info and my first order of these SOLD OUT. Some more came in a couple days ago so here is some extra info (and by the way someone I sold this to recently, locally, is going through this book like a man possessed--he really liked it).

It's about: (Fight) the King's Indian, Gruenfeld, and the Dutch Defense with ZUKA by David Rudel. A lot of energy, time, and swag was put into this 441 page behemoth. Leanna, Mitch, and I'm sorry I haven't met the new guy (Zuke?) The book retails for $29.95 and we have it for sale at $28.95 + $4.00 for S&H.

Rob. in his own Photoshop ways. took 3 actors and made 5 combatants. Cuts down on your postage bill. Lots of poses, costumes, weapons, etc. But he said it was a fun gig.

Also on the cover it mentions that the "Dangerfield Attack" is included (how to handle the Dutch Defense) so if you buy the "big" book you don't need the one with Rodney Dangerfield on the cover but I have found that collectors want BOTH! Same author.

Zuke and Zuka
Originally when we plumbed the depths of the Colle-Zukertort system ZUKE was introduced (from Duke Nuke 'Em). And good old Zuke has graced several other covers since then. Zuke is now a definite brand in the hands of his author, David Rudel, who is now living in Hungary (don't ask me, I haven't asked him). It was only a matter of time, commerce, and good chess rationality before Zuka came along to help deal with the Most Awkward and Most Wanted "Usual Suspects."

The Jokester Star Rodney
Have fun with this and thank you guys for your poses, and Rob for his electrifying "fire power" on the back cover.

Joan Dangerfield was nice to let us use the image of her late husband on the cover and one of his jokes ("I let my wife make the first move. She went to Florida.") Can't you just hear the joke in your own head? Don't overlook the "gladdening" faces on the black pieces and pawns.

The full title of the book is another "short one," Dismantling the Dutch Defense with the Dangerfield Attack.

Retail, $15.99. Obtained from Thinkers' Press it is $14.99 plus $4 for S&H (all this is for USA, if elsewhere the S&H will be a little higher).

If you want the two together I can help on that at $40 + $5 for S&H.

Here's where you can order: Thinkers' Press, 1524 LeClaire St., Davenport, IA 52803.

Payment? Checks, MOs are fine, so is PayPal (my account name is do take credit cards too. You can call: 563-271-6657.


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