Wednesday, July 4, 2012


In business it is not unusual to discover that packing a $100+ order, invoicing it, and taking it to the PO takes about as much time as a $30 order. So the bigger order is slightly more profitable and when we have that, we can do more.

Hence, for a limited time (to July 31) I am including something EXTRA in the Bigger Box, called my "Jack in the Box;" the tagline given to me by a particularly good marketing friend--responsible for a few other excellent taglines.

I call it "special packing" and in the future I have some other such ideas. Another very good friend, from the same state of Florida, has put me onto a place that has excellent rewards. Just another reason to do regular business with The Chess Butler.*

One other thing: While I was giving FREE stuff away a number of years ago for being a sizable customer, the regularity of it all came about by giving away the "Chess Gangs of New York and London" books... several hundred so far!
Soon that series will come to an end (although now in Europe they are starting to show some interest) and it's possible that a "new brand" of giveaways will succeed that. And... I am jazzed at what I am thinking.

However, what I am trying to do, to do favors for you, is to collect names, addresses, and an email address (a birthdate would be helpful too, and you will see why). People make requests for catalogs and information but you would be amazed at the number of those who include only a first name, and no street address. Would YOU waste YOUR time getting in touch with them? I didn't think so. They are "flitters" and have NO mooring line.

* All the time I get requests for catalogs. All the time! Yet, when I had them they were about the least productive of all my promotions. All are looking for nothing but deals and catalogs are usually a BASELINE. Once in a while someone will order something they can't find anywhere else (hence the popularity of Used Books catalogs). So the "regularity" of a catalog is not guaranteed, anymore.


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