Thursday, July 26, 2012


About every week or so Google's pretty much "worthless" Blog "template" makes me sign in to my own blog. Waste of time.
Then I have to look around to find the "feature" to start a NEW blog.
At some point I see the following message:

"Add blogs to follow in your Reading list
You are not currently following any blogs. Use the "Add" button to enter blogs you'd like to follow in your Reading List.Learn more"

I wonder WHY I don't "follow" any other blogs. Could it be:
1) I don't have the time (like you);
2) I'm not interested;
3) Most of them are not worth reading.

However, however, however, I WANT to turn over a NEW leaf, maybe turn over a whole tree!

(In answer to my Question it is "All three.")

But I want to start promoting things that Thinkers' Press does in the publishing realm, such as today I sent out 700 some emails to people who I think (and mistakenly think) might be interested in the PDF, "Bob Long's Chess Letter." Issue #1 numbered #164.

Here are the Qualifications for the Blog thing:
1. It must be about chess or to do with "thinking."
2. You need to send the URL and NAME of the creator (lots of these chicken-s--- bloggers leave their name out so they can go OFF (rant))
3. You must give me some reason why you like their blog and I don't mean, "I like it." I would never hire anyone who was that simple minded.

Here's some details of possibilities from a Gary Halbert Newsletter of many years ago.
Gary got a call from his "friend" in NY Jay Abraham who wanted Gary to write a stunning ad for him. Gary did. The ad said, in the last 7 paragraphs, to qualify for a consultation with Jay (free) "you must meet 6 qualifications." And a phone number was given.

Jay got 600 "qualified" replies (at that time Jay charged $2000/hr for consulting--he was a proven winner--and this was almost 20 years ago--and Jay is still around!). Jay answered NONE of them! Jay told Gary they were all flakes! Gary explained that if someone called Jay only 5-6 times they really weren't interested!

My point! That's not me. For one thing, charging $500 for a consultation is a challenge for "my" authors--that's why almost all of those who do it on their own are severely disappointed (and for good reason) with their project. Everyone screams they don't have THAT kind of money. It's amazing how many of them lie. What they mean is: "I don't have that kind of money to spend on a project I am really unsure about in the first place." In other words, severely RISK averse. Don't want the Humiliation I often go through with the many projects I launch. These folks are non-starters, non-achievers (except, in their own mind).

Jay, Gary (deceased), and myself, enjoy being in the company of those who UNDERSTAND RISK and don't spend all their time playing Devil's Advocate (another phrase for "doing nothing.") Here's the Nutshell version.

1. Let's see what your BLOG suggestions are and I will credit you here (after I check them out).
2. Wanna write a book? Wanna get it published? Want some cheap consultation? This $500 is for one day, smart and insane questions will most likely be answered. The $500 figure will disappear when I am so busy you won't be able to get hold of me for this and for $2,000. For one thing, I am done with FREE advice (perverted form of consultation) to those who pick my brain and then go off and do the book themselves or with someone else (why they don't ask THAT person is obvious to me--they trust me, but not with their money--I don't need them.)

I've only seen ONE book published in the past 10 years where my ear and phone time was bent and it came out looking half way decent. I don't know how that happened, I suspect many others were also asked (maybe a committee, or, just blatantly ripped off my formatting--but, I have so many different ones as you will see if you spend $29.95 and subscribe to my Chess Letter). But it was a waste of my time. Probably not theirs, they value their own time at less than $0 per hour.

Here's my number: 563-271-6657. When I answer don't say "Is Bob there?" Who else would it be? If I don't have my phone with me, or forgot to ramp up the volume, leave a message. I'll get it when I wake up.

Question: Can you tell I am very, very (or is it "veddy") busy?

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