Friday, July 13, 2012


July 14, 2012 was supposed to be a big deal at South Park mall in Moline, IL.

Chess players from the Illowa and Gentlemens Chess Club would be there tantalyzing passersby to play, ask questions, and if they felt like they could make a donation to the Alzheimers Association of the Greater Iowa region, so much the better.

I referred to is as "protecting brains."

Early this week I received a NINE page contract from the Mall in which, of course, everything IN the deal favored them except one thing--they weren't going to charge us for the prospect of bringing more customers into their mall to recharge the atmosphere it once had. Nice of them.

But on the second page, item #7 (I actually wasted time Monday evening reading this piece of nonsense) it said we had to have $2,000,000 worth of liability coverage! This was not mentioned in the initial face-to-face meeting or I would have cancelled it right then and there.

My PR person was quite new at this and she didn't think of it. Her Dad used to be a biggie in the Mall business and he said, "It wasn't always this way but our society has become so litigious." Yeah, it has. Even churches and other places where someone might play chess are getting into the act.

I won't bother you with all the other details of why this TEAM event won't happen tomorrow. I cancelled it. This is another public announcement to that effect so that if you were going to show up but didn't say anything to me, now you know why it won't be held.

Last night I met someone new in the area. From out of town but working in Davenport for awhile. Seems like a nice guy for what I could draw out of him. After I lectured on two games (Capablanca-Bernstein 1914, Smyslov-Tal 1969) all of us began to play some chess and he asked me, "What's your rating?" Truth be told, I only get asked this question by lower-rated players. My stock answer is, "Before I answer, what's yours?" He told me and my stock reply is, "Mine's North of that."

No bragging just, "Let's get on to something else." The lecture should say something about my quality of expertise. The others liked it.

In a previous life a looker I was dating said to me, "I can see why so many chess players have no girlfriends." Women pick up on this stuff immediately, guys, not so much. Guys  want the babe (and tell me I am lucky!) and then say or do something to wreck all chances of that. There must be a book in there somewhere.

I've said it many times. If psychiatrists are looking for fertile ground on explaining human behavior they should go to chess events. Even simuls! Every possibility of Psychology Today magazine is there. And they are not easy to sell products to either because the "play's the thing." Not improvement in play, but the PLAY!

Of course my readers and customers are different; that's why I like you guys.


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