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I took part in an online webinar discussion on business. Most of the questions were submitted by email (maybe they couldn't be there at that time [ 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.], or, by the type of question, I suspect some were 'nervous' about speaking out loud online) mine was "live." It's possible too that initially, like me, some "questioners" had trouble with a headset and which microphone/speaker jacks to use (I have so many ports on the back of my Win 7 computer it would make a technician blush).

Suffice it to say, the organizer of the "go to meeting" liked the question and admitted he didn't have the answer but gave me a suggestion, which, was a better suggestion than what I had originally considered.

What's the Dealio?
I am in the process of gathering information about "winning" dollars in USA tournaments (chess). Would like to hear from those who have won significant money (say, $500 or more) in chess events, preferably in the past two years (I will consider earlier); if they have won more than twice, even better. If it was "only" $250, that's OK too.

There will be a questionnaire I will send (via mail--so need your name and address) to get some details from you. To rest the fears of those who look over their shoulders lest the IRS be watching I will not publish any such data without your okay.

Like Leroy Jethro Gibbs...
from the NCIS show (starring Mark Harmon), I don't believe in "coincidences." Some years ago I asked a trainer about his "students" who had been known to win money at events such as the World Open (for example I would say $10,000 is "some" money). In a moment of a total off-the-wall explanation, he said it was "luck." The fact that they were HIS students and that they wouldn't have entered if it were not for him means IT WASN'T JUST LUCK! I do not intend to question this fellow further because he is out of touch with reality. As I said to another "winner" who agreed, "preparation is a biggie." But preparing WHAT and HOW and WHEN?

There can be one factor or many, but there are those who can do it time and again. There are those who can win trophies and have stacks of them, I know this personally. At one time I kept mine boxed up and felt that exhibiting them was too showy and that turned out to be misguided.

WHY Misguided?
One marketing friend informed me, correctly as it turned out, that there are MANY people out there, especially the uninitiated, who view trophies as an achievement whether it is for bowling, martial arts, tennis, pool, or the BIG "wow-factor," chess! As they were placed on bookshelves and the mantle of my fireplace, when people came in, it was the first thing they noticed and they asked about them. The flicker of "chess" ran across their face coupled with, "I didn't know..."

Kids Especially...
When there are scholastic chess events I have seen as many (and I am sure there are more) as 150 trophies given away! Usually smaller ones, but some bigger ones. When I was in HS or College I never saw or even heard of a chess trophy... things have changed a lot since then. AND... there are all kinds of trophies.

I Believe...
There are ways of ramping up your possibilities of winning $$$, trophies, or an all-expenses paid vacation to Monte Carlo (haha) by the proper explanation of mindset, preparation, training, and other values. I want to talk with or write to those who have this experience and believe that it is more than dumb luck. If you played in the 2005 HB Global Challenge perhaps you were the recipient of "dumb luck." In fact, that might be the title of the book, CD set, etc.

Rather than ignoring this Blog Post after reading it go into your "think tank" of memories or conditions where a friend of yours, or colleague, may have had some Dumb Luck and let me know. I will then tell YOU more about this project and how YOU can be a part of taking a subject, like chess, and move it from standby into the "Winner's Seat."

By the way... anytime I write something like this, response tends to be low and I won't even go into the reasons why. We are at a Weekend Time, should be plenty of opportunity to drop me a line. In the meantime, I have added another celebrity to the Fall Chess Classic in October, more about that and WHO this weekend.

Remember: "Without movement nothing happens."

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