Wednesday, June 6, 2012


the Chess Gazette.

I was using that name in the 80s, 90s, and just recently. But I think it is worn out. People seem to like the "newsiness" of it, but that is all.

I want to revamp it and make it "complement" SCORE, our Openings publication. It will also come out between issues of SCORE so something will show up every 2 weeks. It's necessary to keep in touch with customers and once a month isn't enough and every day or other day, like some do with me, is over the top.

So...? Do you have a name to suggest? No promise I will use it. And if you are like most, I won't hear from you anyway. But if a name is sent in and I use it, I will reward you with something valuable--don't know what yet. When Justin G. gave me the name The Chess Butler for our sales service, he got a book written by Kasparov and also autographed by him. He seemed to like it.

This means the newsletter will need revamping (I am already working on it) and a new look, so send away.

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