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No it's not Orson Welles, it's Andy Rea!

Andy will be our third celebrity for the Fall Chess Classic (Oct. 26-28). He has the credentials if that's what you need to show. He is currently working on updating his CV (curriculum vitae) on his chess activities but suffice it to say he has been state chess champion of so many different states I can't keep track of all of them.

Back in the 70s I published several books by John Hurt and he, likewise, was state champion of many Southern states.

Andy has played all over the globe, in the Army, and still drives to many events every year. He will be helping another Andy, Andrew Martin, in the analysis of ongoing games during day 2, Saturday afternoon. Like Martin I have known Rea for years.

Speaking of which, I will be working this week on an updated brochure on the Fall Chess Classic--for which you are invited.

Ya know, everyone who has an event, of any kind, usually says after it's over, "I learned a lot." What many don't add is "But I doubt if I will use any of it!" However, guys like Andy Rea DO use what they learn and he will be glad to show you how.

But... more than that, one thing I do hear, which I believe people sincerely mean is: "I wish I had started coming sooner. This is the most chess fun I have ever had." Now I will tell you an additional SECRET. I have had some attendees tell me THIS IS THE MOST FUN THEY HAVE EVER HAD (and I am sure that means over meeting a president, getting married, going to school, buying  car, etc.)

Now I will tell you why...
Even sincerity costs $$$, that is to host an event but to make the attendees feel so welcomed they like me, the celebs, the other guests, and end up making lifelong friends. Guys like Steve Lamansky, Julian Wan, Ed Reedy and Dale Suilmann (among others) have known each other for what now seems like, forever.

It is my "job" to make everyone feel welcome and now I will reveal HOW Andrew Martin does it. He has an incredible memory for previous faces and names. When we get together he will ask about so and so. Or I will comment on Joe B. and he will bring up something that happened in a previous event about Joe. And when he sees YOU, if you have been here before, there is a good chance he'll remember you. Martin is friendly with everyone and everyone likes him (well, almost everyone--one guy told me he "didn't understand him because of his accent!!!"--pal, don't ever go down South or you will be screwed forever!)

As I've said a dozen times, if you've been to any later Michael Caine movie, you will understand IM Martin. When we go to the bank or restaurants or even movies, the females go nuts over the accent. So if language is a problem, take Berlitz.

Something Different
This time I am introducing two NEW things. (1) Televideo conferencing with GM Karsten Mueller from ChessBase in Germany. My video/web genius guy Cody Wilson will be handling that. He says Karsten will be able to see us and we will be able to see him. I've known Karsten for years and his basso profundo voice will exhilarate you as he shows you what you REALLY need to know to survive in the endgame--that is, Practical Stuff.
(2) The HOT SEAT. This will be the FUN part of the "show." More details coming.

Stay tuned for a "mailing" this week for former attendees. By the way, one reason you MIGHT be interested in attending this event is that I won't be holding another October Classic next year. There may be some small invited operations where I invite 10 people, but to coordinate a big event like what is planned for this October, well... it wears me out. There are a few who want to see how much I will promise before they turn me down with reasons which are beyond lame and what I am after is that really select clientele who gets a kick out of working INSIDE with those who are at the top of their GAME in information, coaching, etc. In other words, I am looking at future COACHING events. I don't think I will be putting them on the web but one can never be sure.

The price for this event if you register now is $275.00. I screwed up a short while back and made it $100 more, that is only for LAST MINUTE shows (if we have room). I am trying to keep this at 24 so that I won't have to rent a hotel ballroom.

Later... in the meantime, contact:

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