Sunday, June 3, 2012


I think I got it right. Kasparov likes talking about everybody and their form because he misses chess... or at least he misses being the center of attention so he promulgates all kinds of "he shoulda done this or that" rhetoric.

He should start playing again and begin with a multi-zillion dollar event playing Anand.

I think Kasparov would have a chance of winning if he is as good as he implies he is. Then Vishy makes a pile, even by losing... and maybe we have a 16 game match! (I think Kasparov still has Anand psyched out--but, Garry has seen VA's chess over the last 5-6 years and he MUST know that if he (K) is caught leaning the wrong direction, Anand could clobber him!)

Then Carlsen plays Kasparov and the match is a BIG $$$ title match and Carlsen wins, and finally, Garry shuts up! (I doubt it! Over time excuses would ROLL).

Here is what Anand said in the Daily News & Analysis:

"He is the man who regrets leaving chess. He misses the attention he got in chess, somehow wants to be there. May be he should play again."

Anand’s remarks came after Kasparov, during Anand’s world championship game against Israeli Boris Gelfand, said the Indian lacked motivation and was going downhill. 
Anand continued:
“Kasporov retired in 2005. Since 2011, he is planning to make me retire. At least, he should have consulted me, because I am going to disappoint him."
Kasparov is smart but I doubt if he dreamt up this publicity "campaign" to get back into chess, but, he should. This is the KIND of thing I came up with before going to Cleveland. I have other ideas, I just need backers... ideas where Kasparov could come off making a lot of $$$.
Chess, at this point, will no longer be the same old same old.

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