Friday, June 8, 2012


So spoke Navin Johnson (Steve Martin) in "The Jerk."

He was IN the new phone book, he was a somebody! It was exciting.

When I got up this morning two messages greeted me after I had sent out the first issue of SCORE, for Season 2:

1. An early (middle of the night here) reader, Patrik Ohagen from Sweden wrote: "Great News! A SCORE weekend is true Quality of Life." Wow.

2. Then a grandmaster chimed in, Jan Markos, writer of the lead piece: "Thanks for the issue! It's perfect. Shall I work on the other stuff we were discussing?"

Friday has already started out wonderful for me. If you haven't subscribed to SCORE, Season two, take some action, send $39.95, right now (contact me: Incidentally, I just read the Blog by Seth Godin today and he says about 1 in 1000 take action--broken down: 1 in a hundred respond and 1 in a hundred of those responders DO something! That might sound depressing but it means either some of the 999 aren't ready yet, or some of the 999 are never ready to do ANYTHING yet--and, never will. You couldn't give them FREE money if tey had to TAKE it!

One More Thought
Today, just BEFORE getting into the shower, I discover the Main Title of the next SECRETS book I am writing for the Fall Chess Classic. While I originally said the book will be about "Plans" (which it will be), something is going to be added which is absolutely necessary, "Training." The whole concept is mind-bending and even includes what I learned from Stephen Hunter's last book, "Zero Dead."

Keep your mind open to the new things, learn how to sort the wheat from the chaff, and these miracles, big and small, happen. I'm so excited it is hard to figure out where to start, but, I do know where. It started with a lecture I gave last night for 45 minutes at the Gentlemens Chess Club. ALL the good stuff was in it, maybe you were there, but most were not. They got lots of GOOD beans for their membership. Wonder how many will use it!

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