Wednesday, June 13, 2012


1. Sorry for the 3-4 typos yesterday. Usually I proof, must've been very busy.

2. I was. After 5 days HOT on the trail of doing the combined vols. by Purdy (His Annotated Works 1 and 2) it should go to the printer tomorrow! Let me detail it a bit:

(a) Many opening names adjusted;
(b) Dates added where missing before (this is a total red-herring because when we published vol. 1 originally, someone flipped out and is probably residing in Bellevue because we didn't include them);
(c) Editorial references are now in the footnotes, and, a few new footnotes have been added;
(d) Extensive Players' Index and Openings Indices have been added;
(e) A few small typos, and a diagram have been corrected;
(f) The games from vols. 1 and 2 have been integrated into one of three sections: world championships (45), Master Level Around the world (65), and Games from Australian and New Zealand of high-quality (110) -- and if you don't think this was a nightmare, you've never done it;
(g) All arranged chronologically rather than by opening or theme.
(h) Material up front repeated in both vols. exists only once;
(i) Specific articles and references not contained IN these eventual two vols. will be in a third vol. which has some massive and very cool instructional material (see below).

In other words, in this book you can play through the games with out all kinds of diversions or irritations! [EXTRA NOTE: About 340 pages]

One Other Thing

Something I've never done before is add two pages to the front of the book, like paperback houses are doing (and have done for years). But it isn't full of praise for previous books, it IS about the contents of the forthcoming "chess novel" you are about to read (that is, a dip into the content of the book you will be holding, in advance, as it were).

Absolutely fascinating reading that V. Mikenas was humming Wagner's "Death March" while watching Tal's game go down the tubes (and compatriots agreeing)--only to see Tal turn it around on Keres (I think it was). Imagine the consternation.

Just one more of those before I get to two important things:

“…but with chess patterns you can often mistake a toadstool for a mushroom.”

TITLE: (approximate) Purdy Looks Inside Chess' Greatest Games Vol. 1, or something like that. I do those things last sometimes.

And... a Bonus Deal

The retail price on this book will be $44.95, but if you don't screw around and you order it and pay for it in June, you can have it for $39.95 (plus $5 for S&H).

But That's Not All!

The second book (Vol. 2 which is Vols. 3 and 4 combined) will be available in July (I have some other commitments right now), and most likely the $44.95 price for Vol. 2 also, and at $39.95 if you order it too, right away... but there's more!

There will BE a third volume containing the materials left out of Vols. 1-4 (combined now into Vols. 1-2)... and it will contain his theories, aphorisms, articles and such that has NOT appeared in either the Purdy Chess Chronicles (4 issues $69.95 + 2 Bonuses) nor in My Search for Chess Perfection (temporarily out of print). It will be a $39.95 "classic" too but if you bought the first two NEW volumes from TPi (Thinkers' Press inc.) you will be allowed a 50% DISCOUNT on Vol. 3, or, $20.00 plus S&H. This book will also contain some of Purdy's BEST writings. Good for a one book refresher course.

By the way, Purdy's Chess Bits... and Obits is being reprinted at $27.95 (instead of $29.95). Should be here in two weeks. Add $5 for S&H. This book is like a turtle, it keeps selling and selling but I can't afford to order hundreds and have them sitting on my shelves... so I reprint in spurts. I've been out of them for a while. More coming.

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