Friday, June 1, 2012


The Hindustan Times reported today that Anand is pretty put out by Kasparov's comments on his age (Anand is 42 and can't do anything about that; and Gelfand was 44) and everything else. Like most commentators who once "played" they can't stay out of it. Anand said he KNEW Gelfand would be tough (and he was). Anand said that many times Gelfand stymied Anand's preparation. This 12 game match idea has to go--both sides are afraid of losing a game and then "everything is over." Anand said he got no sleep the night he lost to Gelfand. The most mysterious comment to me is that Anand said he was "satisfied" with the outcome! Geez Vishy, almost no one else except people from India were! You won a world title by playing a different form of the game. I can't believe you agreed to that in the contract. Gelfand I understand as I am sure he was elated just to be IN the event.

Do you Like or Hate the Blackmar Diemer Gambit? Either way a SCORE Special Report written mostly by IM Andrew Martin and a followup game by publisher Bob Long will appear next week via PDF download. $14.95. Some really great and entertaining games put out there by the two showmen who have little faith in the BDG. The TPi publisher noted he kept getting requests for Tim Sawyer's first book on the BDG. And one person wrote complaining about Andrew's penchant to punch the BDG in the face every chance he got. We even included one game of GM vs GM where the GM with the white pieces won in 1988 (!) It was the maniac Velimirovic. It will run around 16 pages, full size. If you think Andrew is wrong you will have to refute HIS analyses. Bob Long includes a game (if he can find it) he played in a Simul (as Black naturally) against NM Peter Webster, a famous BDG player--and Long won! It will be available for a limited time at $14.95. Keep this report in a Binder and haul it out whenever you feel insecure.

By the way, also will be included BDG games analyzed by Martin in SCORE (write below for details on how you can subscribe) and The Chess Reports. Plus, a letter from "former" BDG-er Richard Bohms.

Another attendee signed up for the Fall Classic in Davenport, Iowa this October 26-28. Where is he from? Orlando, FL. $275 plane fare, round trip. You just have to look around. He's been to past events and he loves them. I hope you will sign up too. Price goes up June 16th. Special Guest Andrew Martin and GM Karsten Mueller (by live Internet through ChessBase!) More details can be had by writing:

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