Wednesday, June 27, 2012


What a guy! And he's here waiting to be shipped to you at only $12.95 plus $3.50 for my trip to the post office and sent to you First Class in the good 'ole USA (don't start me on the politicians who lie like a Persian rug... and wow, the list is long and on both sides of the so-called aisle).

The phrase "genius" gets bandied about too much, relying too much on a 140 point I.Q. I know people in my family who qualify for that BUT... when I use the word "genius" I mean extraordinary, insightful, amazing, unbelievable, thoughtful, and... different.

Under THAT definition David Ionovich Bronstein definitely was a genius. My humble 43 page submission to the ranks of The Chess Gangs of New York and London is now here.

Don't know if I explained this on this Blog before but we patterned THIS cover (different from the rest) on Charlie Bronson's THE MECHANIC, one of my favorite films (except for when he died because of Jan Michael Vincent at the end--who, got his). The recent movie version with Jason Statham (I almost always like him, even in CRANK) was not as sharp as the Bronstein version--just more pyrotechnics.

There are 63 "annotated" games this time, but with a little less commentary because Mr. Bronstein was not as predictable as Bent Larsen! However, two other touches have been added:
1) Three annotated games in more detail by CJS Purdy from the new book which just came out (more tomorrow I think); and
2) A photo I couldn't resist captioning again of Bronstein shaking hands with Folke Rogard. Have you ever made yourself laugh? Sorry... lost it for a moment!

I have already printed out the sheet of those who deserve to get a FREE copy of Bronstein for their purchases of March and April which totaled a $100 or more. I'll be mailing (24) of them out Friday along with a little BONUS offer as an additional THANK YOU.

Coming Up: Machine Gun Keres, for May-June-July.


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