Thursday, June 28, 2012


Do you play 1...d5 in response to 1.d4 ?
What do you do if White plays 2.e4 instead of 2.c4 ?
Do you take the pawn like most will?
And if White, in response, plays 3.f3 what do you do at this crossroads? Do you take again or do you reflect, postpone, and lose?

Are you prepared to deal with the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit? For years you've heard about it, hoped you wouldn't confront it, and if you did, probably flailed about.

I know I did one time

I was in Des Moines, Iowa--the hot spot for Iowa chess. I outrated my opponent by quite a bit, several hundred rating points in fact. But... he KNEW a LOT more than I did! I used lots of skull sweat, determination, and my own maniacal intensity, to keep him at bay before I drew the game, saved 15-16 rating points, and retired feeling like Elvis Prestley, all shook up.

My opponent said something about the "Blackmar-Diemer Gambit" and in a not very good impersonation of a poker-face I just weakly smiled, shook his hand, and headed off to the bar!

Well... it was all true except for the heading off to the bar bit. It was a heckuva way of starting off a tournament for me, and probably an exciting way for him. My job was not to make his life exciting.

I'm not in the playing business of losing. It takes away hard-earned rating points, I look unprepared (which I was), and it's not one of the world's great confidence builders when it comes to going through the rest of the rounds of the tournament.

Has Anything Ever Happened Like That To You?

I can think of many more pleasant things I would rather be involved in! It's hard to be prepared for everything just like if you play 1.e4 and your opponent plays 1...e5. You are ready for a nice, safe, reliable Ruy Lopez when out trots 1...e5, and then after 2.Nf3 f5, the Latvian Gambit. While GM John Nunn poked a big hole in it years ago, what the heck do YOU remember? It's the same with the B-D-G, as BDG aficionados call it.

A good time wasn't had by all, an entry fee tossed in the air. Is that the way it has to end?

Get Yourself a Spiral Bound Notebook or a Special Place in Your Database

IM Andrew Martin has come to your rescue. We have completed a SCORE Special Report on the Blackmar-Diemer. The PDF is 18 pages, SCORE-size, and includes several games from 2012 including one by Sergei Kasparov (GM, but no relation to the other).

Also included are the games from SCORE season one and 3 games from Martin's Essential Center Counter, which you probably forgot about. I'm afraid the NEWS isn't good for White, only one win at the GM-level and that was 1988!

Coverage includes: The Euwe, Gunderam, Teichmann, and Ryder. Coverage is TEN well detailed games with the usual Andrew Martin flair for pissing off BDG fans.

The PDF id available NOW. Thursday, for $14.95. PayPal or Credit Card is fine. There are no shipping costs.

There is a 2 page editorial on BDG players and former players (one of whom wrote me a letter I publish). If the BDG has always excited your hormones but now you are more interested in the WINNING of games, which will also goose your hormones, you are ready for Martin's just available: B.D.G. DUMPSTER DRIVING. You won't need to wait in line. Pay for it (ask me how if you don't know) and I will send it to your email address. $14.95 for pages and pages (with appropriate diagrams) of ways to pound booty (theirs).

The SCORE Special Reports (3 so far and 3 more coming) are in addition to SCORE the publication. They are particular, low-priced, supplemental topics being treated. A little more SSR information is provided on the back page. Most recent are: King's Indian Attack by Martin ($7.95) and GM Bent Larsen on the Openings by Allan Savage, $9.95.

The BDG Scissors is cutting edge (for Black!) Get it today! Less than 15 bucks.

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