Friday, June 29, 2012

"PUZZLE ME THIS!" --Riddler

Got my first Chess Gazette #163 puzzle answer this morning. It was correct. There is room for 4 more winners. Congratulations to Grayling Hill, who will also be attending the Fall Classic in October.

Puzzles like this will be included in future issues of the NEW Chess Gazette (whatever title it will be called)... if there is any reader interest (that is, in puzzles, and the magazine).

Have a nice weekend, I hope it's not too hot. I'll be in the Kansas City area for an "Inner Circle" meeting.

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Do you play 1...d5 in response to 1.d4 ?
What do you do if White plays 2.e4 instead of 2.c4 ?
Do you take the pawn like most will?
And if White, in response, plays 3.f3 what do you do at this crossroads? Do you take again or do you reflect, postpone, and lose?

Are you prepared to deal with the Blackmar-Diemer Gambit? For years you've heard about it, hoped you wouldn't confront it, and if you did, probably flailed about.

I know I did one time

I was in Des Moines, Iowa--the hot spot for Iowa chess. I outrated my opponent by quite a bit, several hundred rating points in fact. But... he KNEW a LOT more than I did! I used lots of skull sweat, determination, and my own maniacal intensity, to keep him at bay before I drew the game, saved 15-16 rating points, and retired feeling like Elvis Prestley, all shook up.

My opponent said something about the "Blackmar-Diemer Gambit" and in a not very good impersonation of a poker-face I just weakly smiled, shook his hand, and headed off to the bar!

Well... it was all true except for the heading off to the bar bit. It was a heckuva way of starting off a tournament for me, and probably an exciting way for him. My job was not to make his life exciting.

I'm not in the playing business of losing. It takes away hard-earned rating points, I look unprepared (which I was), and it's not one of the world's great confidence builders when it comes to going through the rest of the rounds of the tournament.

Has Anything Ever Happened Like That To You?

I can think of many more pleasant things I would rather be involved in! It's hard to be prepared for everything just like if you play 1.e4 and your opponent plays 1...e5. You are ready for a nice, safe, reliable Ruy Lopez when out trots 1...e5, and then after 2.Nf3 f5, the Latvian Gambit. While GM John Nunn poked a big hole in it years ago, what the heck do YOU remember? It's the same with the B-D-G, as BDG aficionados call it.

A good time wasn't had by all, an entry fee tossed in the air. Is that the way it has to end?

Get Yourself a Spiral Bound Notebook or a Special Place in Your Database

IM Andrew Martin has come to your rescue. We have completed a SCORE Special Report on the Blackmar-Diemer. The PDF is 18 pages, SCORE-size, and includes several games from 2012 including one by Sergei Kasparov (GM, but no relation to the other).

Also included are the games from SCORE season one and 3 games from Martin's Essential Center Counter, which you probably forgot about. I'm afraid the NEWS isn't good for White, only one win at the GM-level and that was 1988!

Coverage includes: The Euwe, Gunderam, Teichmann, and Ryder. Coverage is TEN well detailed games with the usual Andrew Martin flair for pissing off BDG fans.

The PDF id available NOW. Thursday, for $14.95. PayPal or Credit Card is fine. There are no shipping costs.

There is a 2 page editorial on BDG players and former players (one of whom wrote me a letter I publish). If the BDG has always excited your hormones but now you are more interested in the WINNING of games, which will also goose your hormones, you are ready for Martin's just available: B.D.G. DUMPSTER DRIVING. You won't need to wait in line. Pay for it (ask me how if you don't know) and I will send it to your email address. $14.95 for pages and pages (with appropriate diagrams) of ways to pound booty (theirs).

The SCORE Special Reports (3 so far and 3 more coming) are in addition to SCORE the publication. They are particular, low-priced, supplemental topics being treated. A little more SSR information is provided on the back page. Most recent are: King's Indian Attack by Martin ($7.95) and GM Bent Larsen on the Openings by Allan Savage, $9.95.

The BDG Scissors is cutting edge (for Black!) Get it today! Less than 15 bucks.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


What a guy! And he's here waiting to be shipped to you at only $12.95 plus $3.50 for my trip to the post office and sent to you First Class in the good 'ole USA (don't start me on the politicians who lie like a Persian rug... and wow, the list is long and on both sides of the so-called aisle).

The phrase "genius" gets bandied about too much, relying too much on a 140 point I.Q. I know people in my family who qualify for that BUT... when I use the word "genius" I mean extraordinary, insightful, amazing, unbelievable, thoughtful, and... different.

Under THAT definition David Ionovich Bronstein definitely was a genius. My humble 43 page submission to the ranks of The Chess Gangs of New York and London is now here.

Don't know if I explained this on this Blog before but we patterned THIS cover (different from the rest) on Charlie Bronson's THE MECHANIC, one of my favorite films (except for when he died because of Jan Michael Vincent at the end--who, got his). The recent movie version with Jason Statham (I almost always like him, even in CRANK) was not as sharp as the Bronstein version--just more pyrotechnics.

There are 63 "annotated" games this time, but with a little less commentary because Mr. Bronstein was not as predictable as Bent Larsen! However, two other touches have been added:
1) Three annotated games in more detail by CJS Purdy from the new book which just came out (more tomorrow I think); and
2) A photo I couldn't resist captioning again of Bronstein shaking hands with Folke Rogard. Have you ever made yourself laugh? Sorry... lost it for a moment!

I have already printed out the sheet of those who deserve to get a FREE copy of Bronstein for their purchases of March and April which totaled a $100 or more. I'll be mailing (24) of them out Friday along with a little BONUS offer as an additional THANK YOU.

Coming Up: Machine Gun Keres, for May-June-July.


Monday, June 25, 2012


Check this:

In a bit of fun, which Andrew Martin and I do our best to deliver (come to our Fall Chess Classic), you will see Michael Caine making fun of himself by imitating himself!

Thanks Andrew.

Sunday, June 24, 2012


No it's not Orson Welles, it's Andy Rea!

Andy will be our third celebrity for the Fall Chess Classic (Oct. 26-28). He has the credentials if that's what you need to show. He is currently working on updating his CV (curriculum vitae) on his chess activities but suffice it to say he has been state chess champion of so many different states I can't keep track of all of them.

Back in the 70s I published several books by John Hurt and he, likewise, was state champion of many Southern states.

Andy has played all over the globe, in the Army, and still drives to many events every year. He will be helping another Andy, Andrew Martin, in the analysis of ongoing games during day 2, Saturday afternoon. Like Martin I have known Rea for years.

Speaking of which, I will be working this week on an updated brochure on the Fall Chess Classic--for which you are invited.

Ya know, everyone who has an event, of any kind, usually says after it's over, "I learned a lot." What many don't add is "But I doubt if I will use any of it!" However, guys like Andy Rea DO use what they learn and he will be glad to show you how.

But... more than that, one thing I do hear, which I believe people sincerely mean is: "I wish I had started coming sooner. This is the most chess fun I have ever had." Now I will tell you an additional SECRET. I have had some attendees tell me THIS IS THE MOST FUN THEY HAVE EVER HAD (and I am sure that means over meeting a president, getting married, going to school, buying  car, etc.)

Now I will tell you why...
Even sincerity costs $$$, that is to host an event but to make the attendees feel so welcomed they like me, the celebs, the other guests, and end up making lifelong friends. Guys like Steve Lamansky, Julian Wan, Ed Reedy and Dale Suilmann (among others) have known each other for what now seems like, forever.

It is my "job" to make everyone feel welcome and now I will reveal HOW Andrew Martin does it. He has an incredible memory for previous faces and names. When we get together he will ask about so and so. Or I will comment on Joe B. and he will bring up something that happened in a previous event about Joe. And when he sees YOU, if you have been here before, there is a good chance he'll remember you. Martin is friendly with everyone and everyone likes him (well, almost everyone--one guy told me he "didn't understand him because of his accent!!!"--pal, don't ever go down South or you will be screwed forever!)

As I've said a dozen times, if you've been to any later Michael Caine movie, you will understand IM Martin. When we go to the bank or restaurants or even movies, the females go nuts over the accent. So if language is a problem, take Berlitz.

Something Different
This time I am introducing two NEW things. (1) Televideo conferencing with GM Karsten Mueller from ChessBase in Germany. My video/web genius guy Cody Wilson will be handling that. He says Karsten will be able to see us and we will be able to see him. I've known Karsten for years and his basso profundo voice will exhilarate you as he shows you what you REALLY need to know to survive in the endgame--that is, Practical Stuff.
(2) The HOT SEAT. This will be the FUN part of the "show." More details coming.

Stay tuned for a "mailing" this week for former attendees. By the way, one reason you MIGHT be interested in attending this event is that I won't be holding another October Classic next year. There may be some small invited operations where I invite 10 people, but to coordinate a big event like what is planned for this October, well... it wears me out. There are a few who want to see how much I will promise before they turn me down with reasons which are beyond lame and what I am after is that really select clientele who gets a kick out of working INSIDE with those who are at the top of their GAME in information, coaching, etc. In other words, I am looking at future COACHING events. I don't think I will be putting them on the web but one can never be sure.

The price for this event if you register now is $275.00. I screwed up a short while back and made it $100 more, that is only for LAST MINUTE shows (if we have room). I am trying to keep this at 24 so that I won't have to rent a hotel ballroom.

Later... in the meantime, contact:

Friday, June 22, 2012


I took part in an online webinar discussion on business. Most of the questions were submitted by email (maybe they couldn't be there at that time [ 11 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.], or, by the type of question, I suspect some were 'nervous' about speaking out loud online) mine was "live." It's possible too that initially, like me, some "questioners" had trouble with a headset and which microphone/speaker jacks to use (I have so many ports on the back of my Win 7 computer it would make a technician blush).

Suffice it to say, the organizer of the "go to meeting" liked the question and admitted he didn't have the answer but gave me a suggestion, which, was a better suggestion than what I had originally considered.

What's the Dealio?
I am in the process of gathering information about "winning" dollars in USA tournaments (chess). Would like to hear from those who have won significant money (say, $500 or more) in chess events, preferably in the past two years (I will consider earlier); if they have won more than twice, even better. If it was "only" $250, that's OK too.

There will be a questionnaire I will send (via mail--so need your name and address) to get some details from you. To rest the fears of those who look over their shoulders lest the IRS be watching I will not publish any such data without your okay.

Like Leroy Jethro Gibbs...
from the NCIS show (starring Mark Harmon), I don't believe in "coincidences." Some years ago I asked a trainer about his "students" who had been known to win money at events such as the World Open (for example I would say $10,000 is "some" money). In a moment of a total off-the-wall explanation, he said it was "luck." The fact that they were HIS students and that they wouldn't have entered if it were not for him means IT WASN'T JUST LUCK! I do not intend to question this fellow further because he is out of touch with reality. As I said to another "winner" who agreed, "preparation is a biggie." But preparing WHAT and HOW and WHEN?

There can be one factor or many, but there are those who can do it time and again. There are those who can win trophies and have stacks of them, I know this personally. At one time I kept mine boxed up and felt that exhibiting them was too showy and that turned out to be misguided.

WHY Misguided?
One marketing friend informed me, correctly as it turned out, that there are MANY people out there, especially the uninitiated, who view trophies as an achievement whether it is for bowling, martial arts, tennis, pool, or the BIG "wow-factor," chess! As they were placed on bookshelves and the mantle of my fireplace, when people came in, it was the first thing they noticed and they asked about them. The flicker of "chess" ran across their face coupled with, "I didn't know..."

Kids Especially...
When there are scholastic chess events I have seen as many (and I am sure there are more) as 150 trophies given away! Usually smaller ones, but some bigger ones. When I was in HS or College I never saw or even heard of a chess trophy... things have changed a lot since then. AND... there are all kinds of trophies.

I Believe...
There are ways of ramping up your possibilities of winning $$$, trophies, or an all-expenses paid vacation to Monte Carlo (haha) by the proper explanation of mindset, preparation, training, and other values. I want to talk with or write to those who have this experience and believe that it is more than dumb luck. If you played in the 2005 HB Global Challenge perhaps you were the recipient of "dumb luck." In fact, that might be the title of the book, CD set, etc.

Rather than ignoring this Blog Post after reading it go into your "think tank" of memories or conditions where a friend of yours, or colleague, may have had some Dumb Luck and let me know. I will then tell YOU more about this project and how YOU can be a part of taking a subject, like chess, and move it from standby into the "Winner's Seat."

By the way... anytime I write something like this, response tends to be low and I won't even go into the reasons why. We are at a Weekend Time, should be plenty of opportunity to drop me a line. In the meantime, I have added another celebrity to the Fall Chess Classic in October, more about that and WHO this weekend.

Remember: "Without movement nothing happens."

Friday, June 15, 2012


Two titles, one new, one "sorta" new went to the printer today.

1. The "sorta" is Purdy's Chess Bits... and Obits, handled by a printer I used years ago also for his My Search for Chess Perfection. I had run out of them and for some "weird" and happy reason, it keeps on selling. The book, put together by Ralph Tykodi, also years ago, brings together 14 giants of chess back in the day, and Purdy's reporting of them after they passed away--such as Lasker, Capablanca, and Alekhine (the triumvirate of world champions). Then there was Reti, Menchik, Marshall, Yates, Spielmann and others. The challenge for that book was to find appropriate photos of each. I don't know where Purdy got his info on the history of chess (it is very good) but he brought it to life and the whole thing was packed together in 260 pages. The price will be $27.95 + $4.95 for S&H. The cost of shipping these days keeps rising as the USPS continues mired in incompetency and overpaid people at the top (Imagine being rewarded for making things worse?) The thing is, it's a great read! It will fill a void in Purdy literature as the book has been Out of Print for some time and there has been clamoring for it.

2. In additional clamoring I kept getting requests for CJS Purdy's Fine Art of Annotation and Other Thoughts. If you don't recall that was for FOUR books totaling a lot of pages (almost 1,000) with material taken mostly from Purdy's own publication Chess World. After nearly a week of day and night tweaking, it to went to a different printer shortly after midnight this morning. Well, Volume One went to the printer.

Volume One, with a different title, was a combination of Vols. 1 and 2 with the "articles" removed to be put into volume Three at a later date... probably this year.

The reason I separated those juicy and excellent articles was to get to an easier "read" of the games. While at it all editorial comments were relegated to footnotes (so you can move more smoothly through the book). Opening names were expanded as were the venues. The date the game was published is included for all entries. Two column format.

The new title is: C.J.S Purdy's Inside Look at Some of Chess' Greatest Games Volume One. Not much shorter (if any) as a title but I think much more descriptive. Coupled with an excellent high-resolution photo of Purdy from John Upham at British Chess Magazine the cover look is a new one for Thinkers' Press using a typeface I never saw much future for as a former typesetter.

There are 220 games, combined and integrated into three sections: world championship contests, international master level games, and then master-level games from Australia and New Zealand (where Purdy was from originally and where he settled). The book is 340 pages and includes, at the back, a first time in depth promotion of Purdy and other treatises and PDFs published by Thinkers' Press in order to gain a wider reading audience for what TPi does.

A small press run was made to test the waters and it looks like it may be successful as I have already been getting advance orders which I now enter into a spreadsheet to keep track. It is 6x9 in size and should meet the needs of those who don't want to pay the higher-"web" prices.

It's just not in me to slap two books together and release them. No corrections, no fixes, etc. I just can't do that. After the distance of time and working on 4 such books, there was inconsistencies of purpose and those have been resolved. On top of that, the computer files of one volume (#2) were done in PageMaker 6.5 while #1 (a more recent reprint) were done in InDesign. The conversion had its problems and was time consuming. AND... there is a nice index at the back for Players and the Openings.

What we are left with is a nice piece of work and a LEARNING tool that shows why and how you can educate yourself to be a better chess player. There is a ten page section at the front on ANNOTATION, culled from articles Purdy wrote to explain why he did it the way he did it and what annotators should pursue. Purdy was AFTER explanations, the psychology, and the details reported in the foreign presses in foreign languages which often weren't available to those in English-speaking countries, hence, it looks like CJS had "insider" information, thus, the title. The book opens with two pages of references to what you will find in the book... novel for a chess publisher.

I laughed when I read about Lasker raising his eyebrows at a move, or his face turning white (according to Capablanca) when Lasker realized he was in trouble against the same Capablanca in the 1914 St. Petersburg event. Lasker pulled himself together and made a draw, in 100 moves! (Think 1924 and his unbelievable draw against Edward Lasker!) This is NOT the game where Lasker hammered Capablanca in 1914.

Working many nights as well as in the day, it was a lot of solid work in fixing stuff up. My purpose was singular and the layout the way chess books really should be done; hope you agree. I've been told, barring any problems, the book should be available in about 10 business days (in June).

The second volume won't be released until July, probably at the same price point. The Retail value will be $44.95, but the $39.95 price mentioned above is for those who act quickly. There are a couple resellers who may be interested in taking all I will have but if you order first, you will get it first, because while I have been at it, hard, for the past 3 years in regrowing my business, most of them have ordered nothing from me. YOU are my real customers.

If ordering by PayPal or credit card vexes you just contact me at the below email address. If you send checks or Money Orders (yes, I still get orders that way), you can mail me at: Thinkers' Press, 1524 LeClaire St., Davenport, Iowa 52803 USA.


Wednesday, June 13, 2012


1. Sorry for the 3-4 typos yesterday. Usually I proof, must've been very busy.

2. I was. After 5 days HOT on the trail of doing the combined vols. by Purdy (His Annotated Works 1 and 2) it should go to the printer tomorrow! Let me detail it a bit:

(a) Many opening names adjusted;
(b) Dates added where missing before (this is a total red-herring because when we published vol. 1 originally, someone flipped out and is probably residing in Bellevue because we didn't include them);
(c) Editorial references are now in the footnotes, and, a few new footnotes have been added;
(d) Extensive Players' Index and Openings Indices have been added;
(e) A few small typos, and a diagram have been corrected;
(f) The games from vols. 1 and 2 have been integrated into one of three sections: world championships (45), Master Level Around the world (65), and Games from Australian and New Zealand of high-quality (110) -- and if you don't think this was a nightmare, you've never done it;
(g) All arranged chronologically rather than by opening or theme.
(h) Material up front repeated in both vols. exists only once;
(i) Specific articles and references not contained IN these eventual two vols. will be in a third vol. which has some massive and very cool instructional material (see below).

In other words, in this book you can play through the games with out all kinds of diversions or irritations! [EXTRA NOTE: About 340 pages]

One Other Thing

Something I've never done before is add two pages to the front of the book, like paperback houses are doing (and have done for years). But it isn't full of praise for previous books, it IS about the contents of the forthcoming "chess novel" you are about to read (that is, a dip into the content of the book you will be holding, in advance, as it were).

Absolutely fascinating reading that V. Mikenas was humming Wagner's "Death March" while watching Tal's game go down the tubes (and compatriots agreeing)--only to see Tal turn it around on Keres (I think it was). Imagine the consternation.

Just one more of those before I get to two important things:

“…but with chess patterns you can often mistake a toadstool for a mushroom.”

TITLE: (approximate) Purdy Looks Inside Chess' Greatest Games Vol. 1, or something like that. I do those things last sometimes.

And... a Bonus Deal

The retail price on this book will be $44.95, but if you don't screw around and you order it and pay for it in June, you can have it for $39.95 (plus $5 for S&H).

But That's Not All!

The second book (Vol. 2 which is Vols. 3 and 4 combined) will be available in July (I have some other commitments right now), and most likely the $44.95 price for Vol. 2 also, and at $39.95 if you order it too, right away... but there's more!

There will BE a third volume containing the materials left out of Vols. 1-4 (combined now into Vols. 1-2)... and it will contain his theories, aphorisms, articles and such that has NOT appeared in either the Purdy Chess Chronicles (4 issues $69.95 + 2 Bonuses) nor in My Search for Chess Perfection (temporarily out of print). It will be a $39.95 "classic" too but if you bought the first two NEW volumes from TPi (Thinkers' Press inc.) you will be allowed a 50% DISCOUNT on Vol. 3, or, $20.00 plus S&H. This book will also contain some of Purdy's BEST writings. Good for a one book refresher course.

By the way, Purdy's Chess Bits... and Obits is being reprinted at $27.95 (instead of $29.95). Should be here in two weeks. Add $5 for S&H. This book is like a turtle, it keeps selling and selling but I can't afford to order hundreds and have them sitting on my shelves... so I reprint in spurts. I've been out of them for a while. More coming.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


In a few days there will be an auction to see what prices the hardware used in the 1972 match will bring.

It's been said that the Icelanders (some anyway) were upset about the prospect of this piece of history leaving Iceland. All they have to do is pony up MORE $$$ than the one who will otherwise "win" it. But "locals" like stuff for free, it's pretty much always been that way.

If something sells for top dollar in New York from New York that is different. NY is cosmopolitan.

Bix Beiderbecke was a famous cornet player from Davenport, Iowa. But he died around 27-28 because he liked playing, drinking, and couldn't make much money doing any of the three. His house is a couple blocks from where I live and it needs work. Every year a BB gig is held, money is raised, blah blah speeches but no cash to fix the old joint up!

So... the Icelander who owns this table and chairs wants to sell it and get his money back when no one else came forward. The former Shah of Iran "pretended" to have interest in it. I say "pretended" because "money-talks and BS walks." By the time he got around to stop doing his thinking on the commode, he was "out of work."

I'll be interested to read the details since I had, at one time, one of the five sets used for this match. Unlike the Shah or other pretenders, I quickly sold it. The "casket" (box the pieces were in) had a bill of sale for $750 by the new owner (I got it from).

Chess history gets MORE and MORE exciting each day, but you have to be over 50 to enjoy it. I will write about this for Chess Gazette 163 or 164.

Saturday, June 9, 2012


Whoever "they" are.

Probably by the end of the week, Purdy Annotates The Greatest Games Vol. 1 will go to the printer, along with Bronstein the Mechanic.

I found the files and the time to combine Vols. 1 and 2 of C.J.S. Purdy's Fine Art of Chess Annotation and Other Thoughts.

Hold It!

Not as simple as that. Nothing is.

I grouped and reordered the "World Championship Games." Another section is "Master Games from Around the World" and then the section of "Australian and New Zealand" games. Sounds simple--it wasn't. The software, because some of these files were made with PageMaker 6.5, started "barking" at me. However, I tamed the little beasts by blowing a Saturday evening. You will love the look and consistency.

The end of the book commentary will be put into another, separate book, along with commentary from Vols. 3 and 4 of that same series. Hence what you are getting is a whole book of JUST annotated games with ONE exception:

At the front there is about 10-12 pages of "notes" by Purdy on how to improve, what to study and how to do that. That kind of material from Vols. 1 and 2 was combined.

It will run around 350 pages.

Vol. 2 of the games of Vols. 3 and 4 will also be combined AFTER I see how well Vol. 1 does. If it does well, I will produce the whole Monty. If you already have Vols. 1 and 2 the choice is up to you, but this volume will be easier to use. I may put a few more diagrams in, but then that increases the chance of error.

Original order will be interrupted and the games with follow chronologically with the integration of Vols. 1 and 2.

It will be priced at $39.95 and will be a nice tome of games where you can really learn due to the splendid notes with variations and "Freudian-Purdy-like" insight.

If you out there in the Blogosphere make it known you want a copy when issued, contact me right away as I am doing 100 to begin. When I contact all the people on my list who like Purdy stuff, I suspect they will go like hotcakes... this is no marketing B.S. jivin' hype.

I need a couple days to finish up and put some artwork together for the cover--which is already in my brain. I wouldn't wait if I were you because after I do these two books I will be working on something else and have no time nor space to reprint them. I can't believe how many people complained they couldn't get these after I sold them off. Now they are saying they are too expensive on the internet so this should take care of that.

The integration will see a commonality in typeface and cleanup instead of how the two stand-alones looked.

The cover will have a new picture of Purdy which very few have seen.

$39.95 + $5.00 for S&H in the USA, a little more elseewhere. Specs subject to change but this looks pretty solid at the moment.

Don't put this off. I have had a LOT of requests for this edition and I finally found a chance to do it!


Friday, June 8, 2012


So spoke Navin Johnson (Steve Martin) in "The Jerk."

He was IN the new phone book, he was a somebody! It was exciting.

When I got up this morning two messages greeted me after I had sent out the first issue of SCORE, for Season 2:

1. An early (middle of the night here) reader, Patrik Ohagen from Sweden wrote: "Great News! A SCORE weekend is true Quality of Life." Wow.

2. Then a grandmaster chimed in, Jan Markos, writer of the lead piece: "Thanks for the issue! It's perfect. Shall I work on the other stuff we were discussing?"

Friday has already started out wonderful for me. If you haven't subscribed to SCORE, Season two, take some action, send $39.95, right now (contact me: Incidentally, I just read the Blog by Seth Godin today and he says about 1 in 1000 take action--broken down: 1 in a hundred respond and 1 in a hundred of those responders DO something! That might sound depressing but it means either some of the 999 aren't ready yet, or some of the 999 are never ready to do ANYTHING yet--and, never will. You couldn't give them FREE money if tey had to TAKE it!

One More Thought
Today, just BEFORE getting into the shower, I discover the Main Title of the next SECRETS book I am writing for the Fall Chess Classic. While I originally said the book will be about "Plans" (which it will be), something is going to be added which is absolutely necessary, "Training." The whole concept is mind-bending and even includes what I learned from Stephen Hunter's last book, "Zero Dead."

Keep your mind open to the new things, learn how to sort the wheat from the chaff, and these miracles, big and small, happen. I'm so excited it is hard to figure out where to start, but, I do know where. It started with a lecture I gave last night for 45 minutes at the Gentlemens Chess Club. ALL the good stuff was in it, maybe you were there, but most were not. They got lots of GOOD beans for their membership. Wonder how many will use it!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


the Chess Gazette.

I was using that name in the 80s, 90s, and just recently. But I think it is worn out. People seem to like the "newsiness" of it, but that is all.

I want to revamp it and make it "complement" SCORE, our Openings publication. It will also come out between issues of SCORE so something will show up every 2 weeks. It's necessary to keep in touch with customers and once a month isn't enough and every day or other day, like some do with me, is over the top.

So...? Do you have a name to suggest? No promise I will use it. And if you are like most, I won't hear from you anyway. But if a name is sent in and I use it, I will reward you with something valuable--don't know what yet. When Justin G. gave me the name The Chess Butler for our sales service, he got a book written by Kasparov and also autographed by him. He seemed to like it.

This means the newsletter will need revamping (I am already working on it) and a new look, so send away.

Sunday, June 3, 2012


I think I got it right. Kasparov likes talking about everybody and their form because he misses chess... or at least he misses being the center of attention so he promulgates all kinds of "he shoulda done this or that" rhetoric.

He should start playing again and begin with a multi-zillion dollar event playing Anand.

I think Kasparov would have a chance of winning if he is as good as he implies he is. Then Vishy makes a pile, even by losing... and maybe we have a 16 game match! (I think Kasparov still has Anand psyched out--but, Garry has seen VA's chess over the last 5-6 years and he MUST know that if he (K) is caught leaning the wrong direction, Anand could clobber him!)

Then Carlsen plays Kasparov and the match is a BIG $$$ title match and Carlsen wins, and finally, Garry shuts up! (I doubt it! Over time excuses would ROLL).

Here is what Anand said in the Daily News & Analysis:

"He is the man who regrets leaving chess. He misses the attention he got in chess, somehow wants to be there. May be he should play again."

Anand’s remarks came after Kasparov, during Anand’s world championship game against Israeli Boris Gelfand, said the Indian lacked motivation and was going downhill. 
Anand continued:
“Kasporov retired in 2005. Since 2011, he is planning to make me retire. At least, he should have consulted me, because I am going to disappoint him."
Kasparov is smart but I doubt if he dreamt up this publicity "campaign" to get back into chess, but, he should. This is the KIND of thing I came up with before going to Cleveland. I have other ideas, I just need backers... ideas where Kasparov could come off making a lot of $$$.
Chess, at this point, will no longer be the same old same old.

Friday, June 1, 2012


The Hindustan Times reported today that Anand is pretty put out by Kasparov's comments on his age (Anand is 42 and can't do anything about that; and Gelfand was 44) and everything else. Like most commentators who once "played" they can't stay out of it. Anand said he KNEW Gelfand would be tough (and he was). Anand said that many times Gelfand stymied Anand's preparation. This 12 game match idea has to go--both sides are afraid of losing a game and then "everything is over." Anand said he got no sleep the night he lost to Gelfand. The most mysterious comment to me is that Anand said he was "satisfied" with the outcome! Geez Vishy, almost no one else except people from India were! You won a world title by playing a different form of the game. I can't believe you agreed to that in the contract. Gelfand I understand as I am sure he was elated just to be IN the event.

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