Thursday, May 3, 2012


Yesterday I had a book with me (New in Chess 101). In preparation for a "class" on Sunday I was doing some reading up on a subject I knew little about--the "triangle nature" of the Semi-Slav pawn set up.

Funny thing, while I had heard the Marshall Gambit mentioned for years (not the Ruy Lopez one), I never paid any attention to it. Now I have. It's exciting. For a pawn Black has to do a lot of tap-dancing with his King. One misstep and WHACK... thunder has struck and your opponent is dead meat.

I went through a couple games where White won and will go through at least one where White lost (the GM Sakaev doing both!) to find out what the "worry spots" are.

It reminded me once again about CHANGE and why so many people resist it. One politician promised "hope and change." We got the "hope" part right, but the change, not so much, unless change for the worse is "change" (which, it is).

I see people playing the SAME stuff, week after week, in the end, same results. Is there a fear factor here? Of course there is--fear of DOING new, non-routine work. YET I would bet if there was $1,000 on the line, the "non-changer" would be going out of their way to befuddle and confuse their opponent--thus, CHANGE.

Seems like something has to be riding on the line/bet before most are willing to do anything on their own, and get better (or worse) results, even if only temporary.

I don't know who said it but it surely is true that NOTHING succeeds like success. Have a little.

PS: Perhaps the best issue yet of SCORE is going out tomorrow. Gee whiz, 24 pages. Trying to get Season One subscribers to subscribe to Season Two. There is even a PAGE (this is HUMOR folks) on why people shouldn't re-subscribe. And a half page on WHY they should. let's shake the bushes and see what happens.


  1. I personally never had the hope...

    1. I had the hope of MORE than just talk... but talk was all we got and those who are employed and think he is wonderful don't seem to see that.