Friday, May 11, 2012


Last night at the Gentlemens Chess Club a guy came in, due to a mention of the chess club in the clubs section of a newspaper, and showed me a chess set, made of painted porcelain. Nothing new there, my brother painted a set years ago and gave it to me for my birthday--but nothing like this. This whad more than a little detail.

Each piece was wrapped in newspaper.

He wanted to know if I was interested in "buying" it.

I mentioned to him, nice fellow that he was, that it was a collector's item, a curiosity piece and I wasn't a collector of sets and neither was anyone at our club. He went through the usual, "I was thinking of putting it on eBay, etc." thing.

So fellow readers of this Blog, if you are more than a little interested (it has a neat story which I will not relate here), let me know. He wanted to get it off his hands, one of those buddy-buddy partnership-investor things.

They were American Indians, for both sides of the board. I assume different I didn't look at all of the.. Don't ask me why. Maybe they threw away the cowboys (I am kidding). They looked pretty nice (I didn't have a camera with me) and there was clearly a lot of work in them, but it's not my cup of tea. If you want to know a "round about" price I would guess $300 to $1,000.

Jacking it Up!
For anyone who wants to get into even more money I have a fantastic Chinese ivory set (before the importation of ivory was illegal). But it's about $5,000 and these days everyone wants to plead "poor mouth." If I listed it for $1K it would probably not last a heartbeat. The detail is unreal. I've seen similar sets listed for about $47,000 in Canadian money so the $5K is a huge bargain. I've also seen another set similar to this go for about $12,000, so my price, as I said, is a steal. I've had to deal with hagglers in my business and they act like they are always getting the worse end of the stick. Sincerity "written" all over their faces. Puleeeze. Want it or not?

This is on its side, should be upright. 30.5x39"
MM the Fabulous Marilyn
Oh, and if you are interested, I have a great, large, red marble matted print of the 1949 Marilyn Monroe print that was reissued by Playboy some years back (80s, 90s? Maybe a 50th anniv. 1999? I think it too was a very limited edition, superb work). An original print went for $6,500 recently. This one is as good, though doesn't have Hefner's Initials on it (fly to LA and get him to initial it!) and the gold enamel framing is beyond belief. This thing is quite large, probably big enough to piss off your wife unless she is a collector/investor type chick. I was a MM collector for awhile back in the day. She reminded me a lot of someone I knew very well, who, like MM, is also now gone.

We have one life to live on this earth, may as well have a little fun while here.

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