Monday, May 7, 2012


Whenever I hear someone call a Knight a "horsie" it makes me cringe. Some do it on purpose, others are oblivious.

Same way with "Castle," rather than "Rook." No one but newbies uses the word "castle" anymore.

The proof of "effort" to change is in the pudding they say. Report #3 goes out to members of the Gentlemens Chess Club today, via email. It's about "Getting back on your 'horse' " if you haven't played chess in a while, and a bunch of other things. Part of a 6-part series free to all members. It's for GCC members, but to introduce you to GCC for the last 6 months of membership, I will send a copy to anyone who requests it, at no charge. But there is a deadline. This Wednesday, May 9th. If I don't get your request by then, you will have to join GCC ($50).

Lots of good information including a picture of the next cover for "The Chess Gangs of New York and London."

Back to work.


  1. Wednesday is May 9th. I know because my anniversay is Thursday, May 10th.