Sunday, May 20, 2012


Last week someone asked me about the Anand-Gelfand match and I said, "People underestimate Gelfand. They think Anand is superior and think that Gelfand is "Old School" (he's not). They also think (???) that Gelfand is afraid of Anand." People at THAT level are never afraid of their opponent--same is true in boxing.

As I was driving back from Cleveland today I called my friend Johnny B in Las Vegas and he said, "How's the match going?" I replied, "I don't know, it was tied after 3 games when I went to Cleveland and I haven't seen anything since then (I did not take a computer with me)." But he only knew about the first two games and we both agreed that Gelfand, while terrific on defense, people just don't realize how tough he can be. And he DOES know how to win. And he can "grind" with the best.

Yes, Boris has a little Euwe and Bronstein in him... that is, unpredictably he can "blow" a game. But, when he's on, he's on. Anand, I see tonight (Sunday) has his work cut out for him! The match is only 12 games (which most of us think sucks). On the other hand, we all remember when in their first WCC encounter Anand finally won, only to have Kasparov come back in the next game and shove Anand off the board.

So... it's not over, but the idea that 82% favored Anand? That's ridiculous. I have a feeling Anand's own odds were much lower for this match.

Anand has done nothing for chess in terms of popularizing it here in the USA. Maybe Gelfand and his team would. This is what chess needs, a popularizer. Kramnik did nothing. These guys are NOT entertainers. Tal was, Kasparov was, Karpov at least knew how to grin. Fischer popularized chess because of himself and in spite of himself.

So... I have no problem with Gelfand winning this.


  1. Anand has done a tremendous job popularizing chess in India, which has almost four times the population of the USA. What has the USA done for Anand? - Mark

  2. I TOTALLY disagree with your comment Mark.
    It's about doing something for CHESS. Anand has done nothing in the USA or INDIA! He smiles. He's a hero in India because he WON the World title, not what he has done IN the country. Kasparov was active in promoting everywhere and in many ways and I am nto even a big Garry fan.