Monday, May 21, 2012


Anand wins today.

Read my Sunday post (yesterday).

Nope... no bragging... just reminding people of one thing told to all of us by the famous Yogi Berra who said: "It ain't over 'til it's over!" Darn, people keep forgetting this.

Remember Karpov-Kasparov, first match 50 games?

"If everything was certain--there would be no reason to show up!" -- Bob Long

Now... back to filling orders and answering questions (and tons more)!

PS: I have over 20 reasons for why YOU should attend my Fall Chess Classic with IM Andrew Martin, GM Karsten Mueller, and LOTS of other stuff (and people???)... including our fabulous "goodies" bag.

Price is $295.00 and probably the best chess money you will have ever spent! October 26-28. I do, seriously, encourage early registration, will tell you WHY in the brochure for this event. Request brochure today (it's brief, past attendees will get full details).

Room ONLY for the first 24. IF (and I emphasize this) we get MORE than 24 by an early date, the event will be moved to a local hotel. I emphasize this is a DISTINCT possibility. I already have FOUR PAID (and two promisers I believe (for a change)) and I haven't even pushed this! I learned some really cooool things in Cleveland. Details will go first to the Leapfroggers and those with Black Gold Cards for 2012 and 2010 and 2011 attendees, first.

IF you want to jump to the HEAD of the line, send $295 right away to:
Bob Long, 1524 LeClaire St., Davenport, IOWA 52803.


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