Tuesday, April 24, 2012


There's is probably no web company I can't stand more than Google. If you don't feel that way it is because you haven't had to deal with their schizophrenia. Once again they have changed their BLOG posting forms. It would be NICE (Can you hear me now Google?) if they would come up with some good templates in color instead.

In the mean time, kudos to those Black Gold Card holders for 2012 who have been putting in test user names, passwords, etc. Everything will be righted when we go live and get our SSL certs.

If you who are reading this would like to get a BLACK GOLD CARD and who have never had one before, it is 50 simoleons ($50). With the Gold Card I will send you a Baker's Dozen of benefits for the year 2012.

And yes, you do get favored treatment.

To get hold of me and get the details drop me a line at: bob@thinkerspressinc.com

And as they say at EVERY store you are in, "Have a nice day!" (Was that in Robocop?)

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