Thursday, April 19, 2012


Issue #16 for SCORE, the last for the first season, is close to completion (next week it will be done).

In the meantime IM Andrew Martin wants to take a break from his writing chores, at least for us, and I have been looking for other authors. He will be here for our Fall Classic however. If you read the ChessBase web site, as I do, Steve Dowd had some really nice things to say about Andrew's DVDs.

It is hard to find IMs who want to write (work). I am sure there are 1,000 excuses, none of which interest me (I'm not a good writer, I don't have time, I can't think of anything to write about, etc.) I've written to some who do not even bother replying, definitely not interested in those.

Czech Republic GM Jan Markos wants to write. We are working on dates.

GMs cost more (usually) than IMs. I have another fellow who I am to contact again this month who is interested. He would be a real catch.

But I would like to get some IMs. If you know of any, send me their email address, wouldja? I can do the asking as none of these people are intimidating to me if that is an issue you might have. Looking for those who are not lazy and who want to make some money.

I am waiting for the bid on a special board I have designed solely for training purposes and whose purpose is to reduce blunders. And yes, I believe this will work for you too! It is in 3-color and especially designed to help you focus subliminally. The board, in tube, will also have a book which goes with it, exact title not yet determined. Something like Blunderproof Your Chess. Nothing will ever be 100% effective as long as you are capable of moving but I take a position asking you if this training board will help you reduce your egregious mistakes by 10%, would that be a bargain? Fact is, it will probably be more like 25-35% because there are key squares you must rely on. And you will be surprised at the answer UNTIL you are told what the answer is.

I should change the names of my businesses to just Chess Secrets because I love to unearth stuff like this. I got a "hint" and then did research and what I came up with was a shock, and as far as I know, it has never been presented before, in any form. I will be taking advance orders, and the information will be posted here. But there are a few "t's" and "i's" which have to be crossed and dotted first. There will be some other "traits" to this board which I have yet to mention to anyone yet, though those who recently agreed to keep their mouths closed regarding some TPi secrets know what some of them are.

I will begin selling straight from my offices first (and already have orders). Resellers may get their turn later (we'll see).

Also, I have designed a new Scorepad unlike anything out there, and 10X more useful, but am looking for the "right" printer. I did something like this in the 90s but this has been updated, and there are some changes. The binding is ALWAYS critical.

More things coming which I have hinted at only.

In the meantime I will be sending a message to all Gold Card holders about the new web site... hopefully today!

You can always contact:

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