Friday, April 6, 2012


Anyone have copyright free images they could send me? Petrosian should be easier since he did simuls in the US several decades ago.

Recently I asked several friends if they had a photo of Petrosian and they sent ones from published books. I might've forgotten to specify, "copyright free." I would like to avoid that for a variety of reasons. Besides, we are looking for something more personal... to put on a sheet of poster paper and mount on the wall at the Gentlemens Chess Club.

Petrosian was also at Lone Pine and in Texas too as well as Chicago and New York.

Nimzovich might be harder. Most likely all photographers of him are deceased (but ya nevah know).

I have some photos but am not exactly gushing over them.

Here's an area on the web where Google or Bing are absolutely HOPELESS.


PS: Today looks like the day that the FOLLOWUP FROG goes out. Stay tuned.

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