Sunday, April 1, 2012


FM Allan Savage's GM Bent Larsen on the Openings came out as a Special Report from SCORE  in February. Last night the project was completed and runs 24 pages. The variety in reports is making itself felt, especially in this case as the additional 8 pages to complete the 24 page total has 4 photos from Iceland 1972, and several from his match with Fischer in 1972 (which "magically" popped up at the very last minute!) One of the 1971 pictures shows Larsen talking with Isaac Kashdan who was there as a journalist for the LA Times.

There are an additional 16 games, ten where Larsen won as white and 6 as Black. Annotated and some very interested ones, which were not included in the Chess Gangs of New York and London booklet (which, by the way had a record number of annotated games) titled Larsen the Hammer.  Also there was a 1970 photo from Chess Life & Review of Larsen at the table and winning the US Open in Boston, another laurel among many.

It really is a chess feast (and there are additional things to see for which you will have to just get this PDF to find out what they are). While the cost is only $9.95, and in my view, worth every cent, if you are a Black Gold Card holder you can have it delivered to your email box for just $5.00.

I do not play, nor have ever indulged in, April Fool's jokes. The main reason is not that I don't appreciate them but because someone might take it as serious and in all honesty, I don't have time to deal with straightening that out. I do get a kick out of some of them I have seen, starting today! In a non chess climate one friend mentioned he had finally obtained a registered trademark on the color Purple. It was funny. He wrote enough to make it, and the accompanying hooplah, sound authentic. The final tip off was when he asked no one to email him about it until April 2 (he's a famous emailer, etc.)

The Larsen document IS the real McCoy. In the event you also want Larsen the Hammer, that is an additional $12.95 + $3.50 for shipping. Business is never a joke with me.


PS: A real April Fool's Joke for me would be to announce that my website is finished and UP. It's not, but it's close.

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