Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Remember "hump day" when you were in college (if you had the misfortune of going!)? On tomorrow's day I will begin shipping out New in Chess #101 to those who are auto-subscribers (thank you men). If you want to get on that future program, let me know (email address below).

Also to be included, since they are going out anyway, are FREE copies of Larsen the Hammer and Horowitz the Interrogator to those who have them coming and who haven't already received theirs (I try to pack them in with an existing order to save on postage). My way of saying thanks to those who have been supporting my little enterprise.

And enclosed will also be a 2-pager illustrating and describing other products such as: Secrets of Opening Surprises #14, The Kaufman Repertoire for Black & White, and Jan Timman's terrific book for endgame nuts and studies fans: The Art of the Endgame. 

Finishing up SCORE 15 for this Friday with some pretty exciting news about a NEW contributor for Season 2. I hope you will re-subscribe and if you haven't subscribed I think it would be a good idea. This new guy is Mr. Practical, and, a GM! $39.95 for the next 16 feature packed issues. And they will be downloadable from the new web site (more about that soon). Stay in touch.

In the meantime, I am at: bob@thinkerspressinc.com

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