Thursday, April 12, 2012


In an effort to get 400 things done I put out SCORE 15 a day early. That way subscribers (85) can get a head start before going back to taxes or other non-chess matters.

And... there was a plea for early resubscriptions for Season Two. The first season was $20.00 to encourage chess couch potatoes to subscribe. 35 non-couch potatoes have already resubscribed. The price now is $39.95 (going to $49.95 in a month). One GM is interested in coming on board and so is another one. The first is Jan Markos who told me he loves "written words and not just variations." Me too! Plus he is a young ass-kicker who does a great job of annotating Carlsen-Aronian on YouTube, at least until I got an "error" message.

It's all about "Good Timin' " (as Jimmy Jones sang). There is another GM who is interested in writing for SCORE TWO. I'm well aware that chess publications in the USA are fated for deaths. Inside Chess, a decent publication, didn't last either. SCORE will come out once a month (well, to be accurate, every 4 weeks) so that shouldn't be too inconvenient AND soon you will be able to download the latest copy to your desktop. Some people read it right on the screen which I don't really recommend unless you like hurting yourself.

I recall one guy, years ago, telling me he didn't like to print stuff out because it used up his ink cartridges. I confess to laughing so hard I had to be taken to the Emergency Room. Then, after total recovery I had to book a flight to his town and drop him off of a bridge! I guess a printer is for printing out really important documents like toilet paper with advertising on it. Every now and then I do get something that is so off the wall even I couldn't have thought of it.

So if you haven't subscribed I can tell you it is easy. Get both seasons for $59.95 and while I accept many forms of payment, once that is taken care of I will begin sending you PDFs of the first season from 1 to 15. Over 300 pages so far. Subscribers ended up getting almost twice the number of pages they were originally promised! If you like BARGAINS then don't miss this one.

PS: By the way issue #15 contained an article by IM Andrew Martin on the Rubinstein Nimzo-Indian and the Budapest Gambit. Plus an article or two, one being on "Chess Luddites."


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  1. The new site looks great. So does the new issue of Score. As always....