Sunday, April 15, 2012


A little misleading in the title I think but it's shorter than: "Very fine copies of all the C.J.S. Purdy printed publications: Check!, and Chess World, bound for SALE!"

Doncha think?

Here is an ad I out together which someone might be interested in:

An 89 year old collector of CJS Purdy’s Check! and Chess World has contacted me through an intermediary. He bought, in 1944, a LIFE subscription to “Chess World.” For $200! He has them all. Along the way he also picked up “Check!”--there was only one year that was issued (July ‘44 thru ‘45).From Feb. ‘46 thru Sep-Oct 1967 Purdy published “Chess World.”
Happily the seller made the remark, referring to my company in 1999, that I had evaluated previous Purdy collections and he had referred to TPi as a “chess equipment and book dealer and publisher,” Always gratifying. Many years!
The collector met Purdy several times and says in his brochure to me that all the issues have been bound, including the covers, by plastic ring binders and heavy, flexible, black plastic protective covers (costing him $230!). The binding allows EVERY issue to be opened FLAT to any page, which is not possible with hard bindings which exclude the original covers.
ALL issues are original, no photocopies or mimeographed copies. All are in excellent condition with the exception of a few earlier (40’s) issue which bear some pen notations.
The collection was started in 1944 while the owner was stationed in Sydney, Australia in the US Navy. While it is easily worth the $2250 we are asking for such a marvelous collection, we will sell it for $1,750.00. Shipping is extra and there is a $75 conversion fee for using PayPal or Credit Cards. Wire, Money Orders, or checks (to those known to me, Bob Long) are okay. If you are thinking of becoming a serious “Purdy Collector” this would be a startling beginning.

I was recently approached by someone I know about this. If it turns out the collection has been sold I will refund your money. This is NOT something I would poke around about if you are interested. It's now being broadcast around the world!

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