Tuesday, March 27, 2012


This is the longest I have gone without reporting to the Blog readers! Well, like Poltergeist, I am back!

Been busy as you may have guessed:

a) Finishing up a very Large book for an author. Details when is ready to have it published. Yes, it's chess.

b) Created the artwork and sent it off to the card printer for membership cards for the Black Gold Card. The real deal! Should be here next week. Just hoping it was done right. I think the members will love this... and that COULD be you!

c) Sent out a large emailing tonight to try to convince folks to spend $50 to get a Black Gold Card which has ALL kinds of benefits, almost 20 of them. If you would like a copy of this 2-page PDF just request and I will fire one off to you.

Anything Else?
Always. If you join the TPIC (Thinkers' Press Inner Circle) you can use the Black Gold Card to save about $25, and the TPIC will give you answers to questions you might have because there will be a newsletter of FROG SECRETS.

Adios for now. Lots to do tomorrow. Successful tournament last weekend. WIshed you had been there. FIDE rated.


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