Friday, March 16, 2012


The historical book that Thinkers' Press will be publishing, Modern Chess Brilliancies Hustled, went incognito for 3 months. Ironically, while looking for a different manuscript, I found it in a box with all kinds of papers "to be handled when I got a moment!" It was in the foyer and I walked past it everyday not realizing it was there!

However, in two days ALL the games have been entered, but not yet with Gossip's notes notes nor Pillsbury's!

What a magnificent handbook of mainly 1.e4 e5 games! 75 annotated.

Gossip did a pretty good job of including some classics but I hadn't suspected that the VAST majority of these games were NOT in ChessBase's 2012 MegaBase!!! But I am sure they will be in 2013.

This book will be released in a couple months. I am looking into the IDEA of two-color interior to separate Pillsbury's cogent remarks from Gossip's. I looked at all the games and there were some amazing ones including seminal games that have given us what we are doing and writing about today! There will be a CD too of the games.

I call it a vade mecum or handbook for chess expertise and one which I can cannibalize for other projects as there are so many good teaching points but first, I want to do the historical version first as it is quite fascinating. If there was one weakness it is that some of the games have no DATE of where or when they were played but the stuff is still good. It also shows how weak the major databases really are when it comes to relevant but older chess history. If you knew everything in this book you could probably make a "living" as a lower-grade master.

And there ARE some surprises. While Pillsbury acknowledged a couple of contributions from Gossip's pen, he didn't have much good to say about the notes to some games and, some games, maybe especially the ones contributed by Gossip himself. ("Dull game. Nothing in it." --Pillsbury's comment after a 50+ move correspondence game.)

This is a super product and worth owning. Details will be given out soon.


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