Monday, March 12, 2012


Still going like a house on fire.

Lots of entries to make, details to confirm. Been working solidly on this.

Hope to have the "old" inventory up in a couple days. New inventory might take another week.

There will be a Blog so we won't have to use Google anymore.

Other things are on the list and so I just bought... tada... a Planner. I don't know if I ever had one before, but there is just so much going on I want to tell you about, but can't yet until stuff is confirmed.

Andy A. gave me an idea for a future "Chess Gangs" issue which will be even more than his suggestion so stay tuned for that. Also working on some details for this Fall (October's) event. Have to get clearance for everything, raise cash, etc. Invites will be handled on the phone or by written invitation.

That's all for now...


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