Sunday, March 4, 2012


The last two Chess Gangs of New York and London have been printed and shipped to me, AT THE SAME TIME! (even though each were sent to the printer at times of more than a week apart). Hence the printer has been busy.

The two books, LARSEN THE HAMMER and HOROWITZ THE INTERROGATOR (at last, the revelation) will be shipped to those who have them coming for buying at least $100 worth of goods from The Chess Butler during the months of Nov-Dec and Jan-Feb respectively.

Also, I will be beefing up the BENT LARSEN SPECIAL REPORT on his openings. It is 16 pages now but I will be adding 8 more it. Extra games which are not in the LARSEN THE HAMMER book and some photos you will like of Larsen ON the scene in 1972 at the Fischer-Spassky match. $10 PDF. Drop me a line, okay? If you already bought one, I will be sending you the 8 extra pages.

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