Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Still entering lots of data and photos... and more to do next week.

In the Meantime...
Am running a special sale today for bundled DVDs. I overlooked one bundle in particular but will enclose a special SALE SHEET for those who do order anything from the bundled sale. This kind of thing happens frequently but those who never order NEVER find out.

Still working on other "secret" projects.

One reason to buy in March-April...
Those who like getting FREE copies of the next Chess Gangs of New York and London books should know that the next one will be "Bronstein the Mechanic." The cover will be a parody of Charles Bronson and David Bronstein. Just handed over the project to son Rob today. Probably be a month or so before it is completed.

All you have to do is buy at least $100 worth of chess goods from The Chess Butler (me) during this time. Otherwise the FREE copy is $12.95 + $3.50 for shipping. I know someone will try to shave it down to $100.01 but others simply just get what they feel they need and it might be $200.00. That's what pays the bills.

When that series is done, I've been playing around with other ideas but nothing firm yet.

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