Friday, March 9, 2012


Josiah Power is six and he is playing in tomorrow's NO FEAR tournament in Davenport IA at the Gentlemens Chess Club. He has a rating of 753 which is not bad for someone aged 6. His brother Clive is 9 and he is playing and is rated 1407 (getting more serious). Dad, Matthew, is playing too and he is rated lower than Clive! Should be interesting.

Here is what Matt says: "My younger boy is only six years old, so if he isn’t afraid to play, none of the adults should be, either."

A gutsy kid. I look forward to the day when my grandson, who is now 7, will play. He has the top grades in his second grade class but so far has shown little interest in chess.

Ed Reedy, Justin Gilbraith, and Earl Zismer have already indicated they will be coming. Me too if there are an odd number (just trying to keep the balance).

Starts at 10 a.m.

Need your current ID, paid up, it's $20 each unless you are a GCC member. Will set some new "standards" in the future for lower rateds or age issues.

NO FEAR. Wear a cap or t-shirt with NO FEAR in it, and you get $5 OFF.

There may be a couple other guys showing up tomorrow too who were in the shop today. Look sharp, be sharp, and kick booty.

I love people who can make commitments! Strongest form of character.

Rounds are 10 am - 1 PM - 3:30 PM.

For questions:

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