Wednesday, March 14, 2012


The special DVD Bundles list sent out yesterday resulted in ALL such Bundles being almost completely sold out and I wish I had more! (I have one Maurice Ashley set left). In the future, bundles of chess DVDs will ONLY be offered as a bundle because the "scattershot" buy Vol. 1 and leave Vol. 2 model just fails when it comes to stocking inventory that will sell

I found a few other bundles I had run out of space for advertising and hadn't even thought about. This special list, initially, will be going only to those who ordered or who inquired yesterday. GingerGM videos are also on this list. These are FIRST RATE TO THE MAX.

Yes, there are some Top Secret projects underway. I am trying to raise thousands of $$$ to afford to attend a seminar in another city in May. I know this guy and he is the real deal as I've paid $500 a year to get his newsletter (and some people will "worry" about an increase in the subscription cost to SCORE). I am looking for a way to transform my business model into a much better business model. Everything takes money these days doesn't it? The gas and travel over several states, a place to stay, food, and buying special accessories (modules) adds to everything. Chess is my business, not my hobby.

The Need for SPEED!
A recent female business contact wrote me:
"Bob... You are going at Mach 2 and your hair is on fire!"

Back in the day when I was in the typesetting and design business every time I went to one of these events I came back with new ideas and promotions and sales soared! I am willing to let people peek into what I am doing and offering but I have to say, the "buy in" is at least $500. You will get your money's worth as you get "things" in return--none of which are available at this time from me (and naturally, no one else). But you will get the BEST and be the FUSTEST.

One of them is a lost manuscript by a famous world champion. There's plenty more too. At the moment I am working with one investor (maybe more) and a Grandmaster on a Special book. The investor would like his copy in hardcover... I thought, maybe others will too. It will be a Big Book and probably run close to $100 each (hardcover). I am not willing to release this data to anyone unless they pony up (the $500) or are interested in investing (multiples of a thou) in this project which, to me, and others, may help many players improve in the chess arena in a very BIG way. As I go through the manuscript myself I am noticing things I never thought about before in a systematic way. This is a venerable and experienced GM not some 20-year old from Nobodystan.

There is another book I have on the burner and I was looking at it today and amazed at how good it is. I am trying to locate the surviving wife about royalties. I already paid, 10-15 years ago, for the translation. It is amazing.

If all goes according to PLAN (and nothing ever does, but I suspect this plan will go way beyond what I currently have in mind) I will have to hire an office manager and you know, they don't grow on trees.

There are plans for SCORE 2 which will make your mouth melt, and more than 1. I advise you to get your $34.95 renew amount in RIGHT AWAY because after March 24th the price goes to $39.95.

That's not all, there is more. Last year I noticed certain problems almost ALL chessplayers were having AT the board. In a recent event I played in, I noticed I HAD IT TOO! So I have designed an "object" to be manufactured (actually two of them but only one is in play in the immediate future) and sold with a book for TRAINING sessions. Am looking for investors for that too. Minimum of multiples of one thousand. Manufactured products sell better than books but a book will be included for complete justification. I have most of the material already chosen for the book and what you find out there will literally knock your head off. But it will ONLY be sold WITH the manufactured product.

And what else? To keep track of all this I found it necessary to buy a Planner--which I did. I have already made an entry in it for JULY! for something to be produced in August. In this case it is to reprint a particular book for which the author has already given permission.

In case I hadn't mentioned it, it looks like we plan to stock a limited number of Houdini Aquarium and Deep Houdini. My friend George raised the question, I looked into it, again (I heard from the maker last year)... and I think it will happen. Are you interested in supposedly the BEST (?) chess engine on the planet?

A full slate today. As before, I don't expect more than 10-15 responses about investment and Cash Flow raising opportunities. Maybe you will be one of them and show us how much you are committed to chess enjoyment and improvement--across the board. NONE of these ideas would ever remotely enter the brains of those who are in a position to "improve chess" visibility. My expectations are that those I hear from will be 35 and older. "Kids" don't anticipate the future much further than their latest texted message even if they MAY benefit from something else if they just waited a minute!


Those wishing more information will be sent a non-disclosure agreement to sign. We're back in the Big Leagues again!

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