Thursday, March 8, 2012


Soon GCC will have its own web site. In the meantime here are a few pieces of news:

1. Tournament this Saturday, 3 rounds at the 1101 W. 4th St. address in Davenport, IA. Starts at 10 a.m. Rated. How's that for brief? Bring money.

2. Tournament begins tonight at the same address... 6 p.m. I (Bob Long) will be playing IF there are an odd number. Mark Flowers will be joining us too. Bring $5 (must be a GCC member for that price). Each Thursday night thru March. I think we won't be meeting on Mar. 23 due to the upcoming weekend FIDE tournament at our location.

3. I have questions in to a printer about a GCC membership cards. So far, no answer. Think I will try someone else; the economy must be booming where they are!

4. Chet Orban joined from NH and I have told him I will be starting a couple "benefit" packages. In a "Member ONLY to GCC members" they will receive a HOT LIST of 4 books designed to boost their chess in a significant way. Author is from Europe. The list will have some explanations for my choices. I have looked at a lot of books, these are great. ALSO, I am setting up chess instruction classes and will be using a different set of books. If you are local or within range, give me a holler if interested. Can also be set up for those who have "distance issues."

5. Another benefit, which some are looking forward to: AFTER A LAYOFF FROM CHESS, HOW DO I GET INTO THE POOL AGAIN? Again, you have to be a GCC member ($50 for the rest of the year) and be active! That is, those who come to the shop, and/or play in GCC tournaments, or are Country Gentlemen (from afar), OR, who have Black Gold Card status ($50 for 2012) will get copies of these PDF materials. The topics will range from setting up a possibly new opening repertoire, tactics, psychology, and other important preparations.

This #5 item will be important for those who want to come to grips again with CHESS because, let's face it, chess is hard to ignore!

Pieces of #5 are already in the works. I will automatically send you PDFs when available. Material will probably range over several months!

Thank you for letting me be The Butler to serve GCC members!

P.S.: Here's the SAD part about statistics. No matter what kind of TRAINING program is offer it is usually 5% who take advantage of it and actually bother to learn something. It's not about the $$$, the time, or energy. It is almost ALWAYS about the INERTIA--which in this case I define as "desire to move forward." YOU GOTTA WANNA! Tough talk is for those  Caged Fighter guys.

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