Thursday, March 22, 2012


That there are 34 signed up for this Blog, and a couple months ago it was 18? That sounds like progress (and it is) but there are many who read this blog and remain in the shadows. Google will track you (if that is what you are concerned about) as soon as you peek! They are evil, but, we put up with so much anyway, what is the big surprise? Well, there is one, read on:

Are you a customer of The Chess Butler (my retail arm) or Thinkers' Press inc. (my publishing business)?
If so, you might want to contact me right away (email: I have an 18-page brochure (I have shown it to some very close friends and they read it through from beginning to end, almost breathlessly (LOL)) you might want to read. But first, I need an OK from you that you will keep it secret until the details are released (and then of course, what would it matter?) The MAIN reason is that there are a number of items in it that are not yet done deals, but are in the works, and by the grace of God, WILL happen... and I mean, cool things. If you are not yet a client, drop me a line and I will send some catalogs.

But first we have to have a relationship so that I know something about you. I'm pretty transparent, been on here and in the public chess eye for a long time. But I want to know more about you.

But there was a "small test." I asked people for their current address because this brochure is being MAILED. 14% didn't mind taking an extra second or two. It's not critical but it did take an extra 30 minutes to look up all the other addresses. I also asked for a phone # and a time when it would be best to call (to keep from playing phone tag, though Verizon sure as heck won't mind!) My customer data is confidential and I don't give, loan, or sell it to anyone. Even old invoices are shredded.

The butt of many jokes, right? For example: "And our second place winner gets an all expenses paid two weeks in Cleveland. Our first place winner gets one paid week in Cleveland!"

But all that aside, the last time I was there, I liked it. I was also at the J.G. White Chess Collection many years ago but I am told there have been some big changes. It is huge, probably over 40,000 volumes by now. I want to go there, get some pictures, and do some research too.

But that is small potatoes to my first intention: taking an intense, 3-days, balls to the walls seminar on direct response marketing (mail) from the master, Dan Kennedy. It will run 8:30 am to 9 pm for two days and on Saturday we get a break, 8:30 am to 5 pm! Around 33 hours.

To afford the trip the 18-page brochure unleashes my creative mind and publishing arm to herald what's coming and what's new. To stay in business new things have to be done but mail order is NOT new to me--I've been doing it for years. But I want more depth, better outcome, and a great experience for YOU my friends for another ten years.

Contact me today and I will tell you exactly what is need to move the FROGGIE  forward!

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