Monday, March 19, 2012


Some people find it difficult to "ask for help," I've been one of them. We are afraid of the "let down" when turned down but most of all, "We hate to hear the lie (the liars call it a "reason") we get from those who, for some reason (er, excuse), just can't be honest."

But aging is a miraculous process, sometimes we try it again and we love the surprising positive results!

Some will say "See I told you so, your former way of asking was not good enough, etc.!" To them I answer, "Why, if you knew that was the case didn't you help out?" Doing the work ALWAYS is the hard part. Ideas and complaints, even glorious ones, don't mean anything unless something is done with them. Which brings me to:

If you are, I would like to invite you to Bill Broich's CHESS TNT tournament at the Gentlemens Chess Club (my place), this weekend, at 1101 W. 4th St., Davenport, IA. March 24-25.

Below is a letter I just got from Bill. It shows his depth, interest, and concern. You could help by coming. It's $50 and registering in advance will save you $10 from the $60 at the door. It will help you on your journey to becoming a FIDE-rated player:

"---...So far 10 players are registered for the event in Davenport next weekend.  Four players have FIDE ratings.  It would be great if you decided to play.  We need more FIDE rated players.  I think we can get 14 to 16 players.  Pete, Wes F. and Ben G. are the big dogs.  A Master and 2 Experts.  Joe K. of Omaha might play and he is an Expert.  So, if you were to play you would most likely be playing a Class A, a couple Experts and Pete.  Just let me know when you decide.  You can ride with me.  I'm staying at Bob's place."

You can contact Bill at:

I hope to see you there. IF we've never met before, please introduce yourself as I will be glad to meet you! For everyone, I should have a packet of info for you as well as a lot of books on display, for sale.

NOW, back to finishing up my Secret 14-page PDF document to those who answered the invite this past weekend (see, it does pay to be a regular customer of The Chess Butler.)


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