Monday, February 20, 2012


First I asked for chess questions and I have started getting some! Thank you gentlemen. One fellow, Johnny Owens is going to submit more. That's great.

I know from years of personal experience that many people are reluctant  or unwilling to DO much of anything unless they are mad about something or have a strong disagreement. If I wrote that Garry Kasparov beat up old ladies after each time he lost a game, I would, no doubt, hear from some Kasparov fans. If I said Garry was the "best whoever was" I don't imagine I would hear from very many people under 35, to the contrary.

At present I am reading Robert Ringer's Winning Through Intimidation and it is a truly remarkable book--unfortunately out of print but you can find copies (except for mint first editions which command a very FAT price) if you try for under ten bucks. In that book Ringer states that to be a winner, with no doubt, at real estate (and everything else) it is absolutely essential to be prepared to the hilt. You also have to understand that your reality may not be someone else's reality (and he goes into depth to examine this).

He is Not Boring!
The book MAY sound dry but it is not. His case stories using only himself are exceptionally good. I know a lady who was a real estate broker who waited in the office of a buyer for a full eight hours to get her ten thousand dollar commission check! Without discussing why this jerk was trying to avoid her (once the sale was made he just didn't want to pay the commission and would avoid her!) she told me she did this 8 hours in the outer office because she had READ Ringer's book! Reading CAN be very good for you.

Ringer wrote another book called Looking Out for Number One. It too is worth owning because if you pay a few dollars for each of them you won't feel bad at all about writing in the margins or underlining. What Ringer does is CONFIRM appropriate and good actions (not just intentions) with a reward. If a person lives in the Twi-Light Zone and wears Polyanna glasses he shows you why things aren't going so well for them! Yes, more people may like you than he said liked him, but that is ALWAYS what happens as you "Leapfrog" over the Standard Way of Doing Things. It's jealousy, not work that is operational here. Mr. Ringer believes, and proves it over and over, that his Methods work on anything. I know one guy who has read it at least a half dozen times and I intend to read it at least twice myself. How often can I say that about chess literature?

The point I will make now is that while reading both of these books I related it to my business performances, successes, and failures... including chess! If you can extrapolate information like this it helps keep the Idea and Manufacturing section of oneself churning. One example of this is that I spent many hours last night working on notes for future presentations on HOW to develop an opening repertoire which all but guarantees chess improvement in the real world (THE real world).

When I tell students, customers, and/or friends that for 99% of them that online chess and speed chess doesn't contribute to their improvement they may agree and nod yes but they keep doing it anyway (not for fun but because they BELIEVE it is helping them in spite of what I've relayed to them). As Ringer writes (and even guys like Reuben Fine have written on this) "belief" and "wishing" something is true doesn't make it so. You have to Be Prepared, just like the Boy Scout motto. Don't believe that YOU are in that 1% category like those who believe THEY will win the lottery because they buy a ticket every week!

Now for Entertainment!
Two readers of this Blog reminded me about the story on Magnus Carlsen which aired last night on 60 Minutes. Regrettably I informed Bob W. and Steve L. that I did not have a working TV and had not watched TV in my own home since 1997. But Steve informed me that there was a link so that it could be watched through CBS. It was fun to watch. Notice that Carlsen, prodigy that he was, is basically a humble person. If you want to see it go to:;contentAux

Yes, here at the ranch I have some information I want to pass on that I am dying to tell you but clearances have to be made; "Timing is everything" someone once said. The news bears all the hallmarks of an "EXTRA EXTRA read all about it."

I hope you have a great Monday.

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