Monday, February 13, 2012


If you are like me you get these really lame USCF Sales for every holiday there is. I see nothing special about them -- they are always "extended" too--like everyone believes it was so good they kept it going. Why not a special holiday for those days which are NOT holidays?

Then there is The Chess Butler. We don't have these kinds of Special Days very often but when we do I try to make them memorable. After talking with Ms. King last night, you will see more memorable things in the future, if only to keep MY sanity.

So while I wish you a Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow, even if you are a guy (I have two sons I wish Happy Valentine's too, and a Daughter)... nothing special in the Valentiney line is going to happen--except that tonight a new Chess Gazette will be on its way to you. NUMBER 161.

Some nice sale items, some reviews, and a really cooool story by my friend in Hawaii, Phil Millett. I hope you (yes, the one reading this YOU) will send me some stories we can publish but chess must be connected, somehow. Maybe at a tournament. Maybe some oddity. Something strange in Greenwich Village (isn't everything?)... and so on. If you have no imagination to come up with something I am guessing your chess must be pretty pathetic too! I think we need to work on that!

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