Friday, February 10, 2012


A couple days ago, for the first time ever, I plotted and schemed and asked questions about ham and beans (navy beans) soup. My Mom made it a lot when we were kids. It was uninteresting back then, although the cornbread helped.

Today I got to taste mine. It is great! I left out tons of other stuff that might be suggested. No tomatoes, garlic, etc. Mostly navy beans, a big hambone, some Nu-salt, and a smattering of minced onion. It does take some nerve to do this because for the first time around you aren't risking much $$$-wise but time wise and understanding-wise you are.

It's the same thing when getting off of your lazy carcass and attempting to learn something new about chess.

1. I have an inquiry in to get the postal address of GM Lajos Portisch. If YOU should happen to know of it, would you tell me so I can write him? I have a perfectly good idea for a project to involve this great Hungarian grandmaster. It's really sweet. This might cost some real dollars and so "investors" are welcomed but the project will be amazing--I can't settle for anything less! This will not be a loan, but investor-based and profit based. I intend to bring Thinkers' Press back to the forefront of publishing chess again. All this is subject to the laws of here and wherever you are from (what a pain in the ass)!

2. G&L CHESS' name has now gone to The Chess Butler. Finally, this will necessitate stationery, labels, and the like. It will also involve a logo which is already twirling in my bean. It will be a response to a recent request for a chess tagline for my business, which I came up with my self, but the Chess Butler was Patrik Ohagen's (he's from Sweden) idea. He will get a book autographed by Garry Kasparov for his help. The logo is already being collaborated on with my son. I received other FINE suggestions and they may be implemented in another way. Chess players and chess buyers CAN have an imagination!

3. All the remaining FREE copies of Petrosian the Punisher went out today to those who were owed them. Mention was made that Larsen the Hammer is going to the printer this weekend (finally finished). The monograph on Larsen's Openings by FM Allan Savage has also started going out ($10 unless you are a Black Gold Card holder and then it is only $5).

4. There is a "local" tournament tomorrow at the Gentlemens Chess Club. I have the Godiva candy there (man it looks irresistible), and a few other things Ed Reedy helped me fix up--taken care of. It's $30 (unless you are a GCC member, then it's $25), three are pre-registered... hoping for more. The tournament next month might be changed from March Madness to Fischer's Funnies! His birthday anniversary is in March.

While "everyone" was wondering when I would get my web site up, only one person has test-tried it so far. Hope this isn't a repeat of 1997! My friend Bernie Ostrowsky kept clipping me on the back of the head about getting a web site up... I did. It was very expensive. But it's use was limited... basically, I was breaking even. I have a feeling lots of web sites are like that (or worse). The maintenance time and costs are THE killers. When my other son Nate was helping me he understood chess and so what went on the web site was always worth while and informative. I've seen too many chess web sites where it doesn't look like the owner knows the difference between a pawn and a coconut. So if you need a recommendation, don't count on them for that.

More later... and possibly, Kate King... one of the business genius gals I am happy to know and have known. The Chess Butler is going to SHAKE things up while at the same time, "serving you"!

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