Tuesday, February 21, 2012


If you have read much of what I've written over the years you know I detest most chess book reviewers. I can take criticism, but I wish we publishers could criticize the reviewers and get THAT kind of publicity!

For example while entering data last night for the web site I will be unveiling (trite) I came across some blurbs on the back cover of John Watson's Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy. I thought it was a good book, not totally ground breaking, but infused with many thought out examples. Yet, the commentary on the back cover seemed so pedant.

Well, finally someone has done it! I believe it was self-mocking, but a video review from the "esteemed" Washington Post is now available which makes fun of book reviewers. And the examples this fellow provides range from seriously inane to hilariously off the wall. So I post the link for you to get your daily quota of Funny Vitamins. That's it, Vitamin F.


If anyone out there is wondering how the PizzaPak Kit is coming along, I will tell you, the content, in my opinion, should make you happy about the wait!


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