Wednesday, February 8, 2012


This afternoon I have been working on a list of TWELVE reasons to come to the ONE DAY chess tournament at the Gentlemens Chess Club this Saturday. One of them is that 12 (or more) would be the first time we had more than 11 people at a GCC/Thinkers' Press event. A little milestone there.

There's a couple of other things too such as:
Two: Silent auction on a book signed by Gary Kasparov. About a $50 value.

Three: Many previously owned chess books on display and for sale for the first time at GCC. Mostly one ofs.


In fact I am emailing to 42 people who live close enough to "possibly" be interested and who I think could come, if "things" are just right in the air. For one thing, we aren't dealing with the usual type of lousy weather we get in February.

Four: It's just one day. We are all busy, even me. But one day should be great. In fact, buddy Steve Lamansky is coming in from Ankeny (a few miles north of Des Moines) and staying over night at his sister's house in Bettendorf. Three day tournaments are killers for me, and no doubt many others and--two days are tough enough. Of course that means a faster time control, but nothing is perfect. Myself, I don't care for G/60 at all even if I have done well in some of those tournaments. For one thing, it does hyperaccelerate your thinking (a good thing).

If you would like a copy of the list, maybe to use at your own Club, which might be farther away, drop me a line.

Five: You can call and register in advance (563-271-6657) so you only have to show up for the first round at 9:30. That's your pre-registration. Back in the old days people would do this, and sometimes, not show up! But with cell phones, that problem is now minimized (although I won't be answering cell phone calls in the tournament room while games are running--so don't wait until after the round has started! [9:30]).

Six: Food and drink. Godiva chocolates. Cider and hot chocolate. Still trying to figure out how I will handle that. GCC does have a microwave!

There are 6 more!

It is a RATED event by USCF. Entry fee is $30 or $25 if you are a GCC member. Must have a paid up USCF ID card (I have forms in case yours has just run out). Game in 60. The usual stuff.

Hope you can come. Have room for 24. Relax, leisurely. Everyone gets along at the GCC events... everyone. No one has been invited to not come back. Tight ship, good sailors.
1101 W. 4th St., Davenport, IA.

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