Friday, February 3, 2012


I had to do some shriveling of its size! Last night I tried to send it out and it wouldn't budge. Even though there were no error messages the problem was, SCORE #12 was too big! Too much stuff, esp. in the graphics arena.

So this morning, I did some rework, and sent at a lower speed and everything appears to be OK now.

If you haven't subscribed and are starting to think you might like to, I am offering a short window of a price reduction. While $49.95 is the regular price now, I will sell subscriptions at $29.95 if you are among the first 100 I receive. I have 122 people on a special list who I think will be more than a little interested. I am going to send out MAILED OUT invitations--so if you let me know you want is, via email, you will be served first.

SCORE is packed, 27 pages, letter-sized.
1. The indepth details and resurgence of the Sicilian Poisoned Pawn, modified.
2. What is winning worth to you, a possible new magazine from TPi, ENDGAME SCORE with a GM at the helm on particular subjects in a much more direct and simplified way.
3. Joe Willett donates money to create a FREE chess tournament on a Saturday in May at the Gentlemens Chess Club.
4. Mention that Part II of Igor Stohl's article will be on the Reversed Sicilian (English 1.c4 e5) in issue #13.
5. A link about a FREE graphic novel on Bobby Fischer. Actually, it's pretty good.
6. Getting the Black Gold Card for 2012 is better than ever.
7. The ad and facts of CHESS FIGHT CLUB.
8. Readers' letters.
9. Thumbnail reviews. 7 items including Kasparov's new book on himself from 1973-1098.
10. The G&L CHESS Web Site.
11. DVD Land --Latest from ChessBase
12. Larsen Two Ways--the Chess Gangs book (The Hammer) and a Special Report on Bent Larsen by FM Allan Savage with an added section by Bob Long.
13. Updates on Thinkers; Press products.

Even author GM Igor Stohl got such a kick out of his own copy he wrote to tell me more about the Austrian wunderkind Froewish, who in a game in #13 absolutely demolishes his opponent. Igor said the "kid" is a friend of his and he just got his IM title! You WILL want to see this game in issue #13.

SCORE is cheaper than "paid for sex" and probably much better!

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