Friday, February 17, 2012


Guessing about Mr. X
Sometimes it takes time to get something right (or correct). While I myself seldom enter contests of any kind (the odds are usually horrible) my recent contest to GUESS who the persona of "Chess Gangs No. 8" is has struck a bell with those who were interested. I got more than half a dozen guesses as to who the International Master was who played at Grandmaster Strength. Overwhelmingly the vote was for Rashid Nezhmetdinov... and overwhelmingly incorrect. Thinkers' Press had already done such a book. But the guess was a good one though a little obvious I thought. There were a few other guesses, one which was plausible... but the Mystery Man known as "Mr. X" perseveres. The contest will close soon. If however a spate of people correctly guess I will be giving away 6 copies of that 40+ page book.

The interesting thing is that I have had tremendous fun putting this booklet together. If I say more it would quickly winnow the field. So you readers have another 2 weeks to send your guesses in. The book WILL include a number of his (a male obviously) essays.

An Emailing Later Today
Secondly, an emailing will go out later today or this evening with three other topics. Possibly all four on just ONE page. That will be brief enough as a reminder and detailed enough to get the gist. So look for it.

The other Topics will be:
2. The Black Gold Card.
3. SCORE 2
4. How to Set Up an Opening Repertoire.

Workshop: Setting Up an Opening Repertoire
Last night at the Gentlemens Chess Club workshop I began a series of "lectures" or briefs on how to set up a repertoire for playing in tournaments. It seemed to have gone over very well. A lot of times the BEGINNING is the hardest place to be because, chosen judiciously, everything else will follow--so.... how does one begin? I had notes. Eventually these will be put together and be a reason to join the Gentlemens Chess Club (GCC), at least for the next half year. They will be FREE to all current and Future GCC Members but when the notes are completed, FREEBIE status will be over.

Stay tuned.

PS: If you want to be a Country Gentleman, that is, a Member of the GCC from afar (out of town), the price is $50 for the next six months ending in August. My immediate Goals are two: (1) Get an actual plastic membership card (I am holding off because there may be some last minute changes--I am working with someone right now on that) and (2), to get a quickie web site up so at least we can have a calendar of events and a list of benefits for joining. If you want to leap frog all that and just get the HOW TO REPERTOIRE set up, send $50 today and you will be put onto the list.

PS: We are also looking at some cosmetic changes in the building where the club meets too. If you are a volunteer type, it will involve painting and masonry on the top of the building. We hope to transform the appearance to that of a Rook! Visible in town and through the state of Iowa. As I've said and written before: "Iowa is a well-kept secret" and most Iowans want to keep it that way...LOL. For chess we well make an exception.

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